Customers looking for a way out:

Real Estate Agent

I have been working with a client on a foreclosure property for 3 weeks.  All our communication has been over the phone, so I have never met him face to face.

He is in a very rural area of Colorado and we have been faxing and talking on the phone extensively.

Everything seemed to be going smooth despite his dislike of the additional paperwork (addendum's)

Well, we had one more addendum to sign extending the closing date one week and he "balked"  and refused to sign.

So needless to say the deal fell apart.

I had a feeling all along he didn't really want the home when his low offer was excepted, he seemed very shocked, and as time went along he was looking for a way out.  I guess I felt this way when he kept saying things like, when I get the inspection back and the home probably has termites.

Oh well I am sure everyone has a similar story

Thank for letting me vent!

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