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Did you know that the Florida State Government is giving out grants to upgrade homes built prior to 2002.

Apparently since so many insurance companies are 'shell shocked' by payouts for hurricane and tornado damages they are limiting coverages for homes.

Allstate Insurance is already dropping their clients. So, homeowners are drastically searching for coverage. And the companies that are now providing coverages are requiring a '4-point inspection' also known as the 'Insurance Evaluation Report' etc.

Now there is a program for Florida residents called the 'My Safe Florida' program. This is a program that offers a grant for wind mitigation improvements. In other words it is a program that offers up to $5,000.00 in improvements for homes built prior to 2002 and are under $300,000.00.

The improvements include upgrades for windows and/or installation of shutter systems. It also includes structural improvements in the roofing system like adding additional bracing, updating tie-downs, etc.

Just keep in mind that the inspection and retro-fits must be performed by state certified contractors and inspectors.

You have worked very hard for the roof over your head. This is a way to help secure your investment and to let the insurance companies know that you are 'The Master of Your Domain'.

St. Johns Inspection Services, LLC is a state certified company and can help with qualifying. Call anytime. (904) 794-7972. We serve the Northeast Florida region. 

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Sep 16, 2008 06:03 AM