It Takes Teamwork to Sell a Home!

Home Stager with ReDesign & Go

It’s true, staging to sell your home can present a few challenges, so why stage? 

Staged homes sell up to 30% faster!

Staging often reduces the back and forth of price negotiations by potential buyers who chip away at the asking price.

Agents working with potential buyers recognize staged homes as properties ready to sell and are more likely to show your house over those in a comparable price range.

Enhancing your home by staging is a very smart investment. Staging can help you to eliminate clutter, maximize traffic patterns, optimize furniture arrangement, pre-pack nonessential items, sell your home quickly and get top dollar for it!

Who’s On Your Team?

Your stager is your product development team member, your realtor is your marketing team member, you and your family are the “home” team members.  This means that all of us are working together to get your product, your home, to market and keep it a viable commodity until the house is sold!

Each team member has specific responsibilities that will result in a win for you, the home owner.

Stager’s contribution to the team- develop the product to its fullest potential.  Show-off the architectural features of the home, enable a potential buyer to visualize themselves living there, minimize any negatives and point out all the positives.

Realtor’s contribution to the team- market the home to potential buyers.  Your realtor will have provided you with a marketing plan.  Marketing will provide potential buyers with the information they need to preview your home before they make an appointment to view it.

Home owner’s contribution to the team- get your product in top shape and keep it there!  The team is counting on you!  Your stager will leave your home in a position to score with buyers, your realtor will have buyers eager to take the field, and you, the homeowner, will win the big game!   

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White Rock, BC

Welcome Pat,

I think you may be new to AR.  As a stager you may want to join Stage it Forward.  You can do a group search or just about every stager has a link to join the group.

Aug 17, 2007 02:08 PM