New Camas Homes For Sale - Can They Beat a Bank Owned Home?

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       New Camas Homes Can Cost Less than Camas Bank Owned Homes!

Camas WA Homes For Sale | New Home Sold in Lakeridge North by John Slocum and Kathryn Alexander

When searching for homes for sale in Camas, in addition to Vancouver homes for sale, the conventional wisdom seems to say that Bank Owned Homes are the best "deals" out there, followed perhaps by the many Vancouver short sale homes for sale.

After viewing several distressed properties with our new clients, they became very frustrated with the locations and condition of the homes they saw in the $350,000 price range.  We then suggested looking at having a new home built for them at Lakeridge North in Camas.  The lots that had once sold north of $250,000 were now being sold from $75,000 to $150,000 -- a discount of over $100,000 from the previous prices!

During this recession we are hearing that some building materials, and construction labor is less than it once was -- helping to keep in check the price of this new home.

On the energy efficiency front, this builder is now upping their standard practices such that a new home in one of their nearby subdivisions will be 40%+ more efficient than the same home they built across the street last year!

Working with their builder and lender, our clients are now the proud new owners of a:

  • 3,100'+ square foot New Home;
  • purchased with an FHA minimum down-payment loan;
  • built within four (4) months;
  • Landscaping and Fencing included;
  • Super Energy Efficient with a Hybrid-Heat Pump System!
  • Comes with the Builder's Warranty and Extended Warranty!
  • This one qualified for the Home Buyer Tax Credit!

Adding some awesome custom interior rock-work that the buyer did themselves, this home's cost was comfortably under $400,000!  Sure, some bank owned homes may cost less than this to purchase however, when you must add in the extra repair costs required, and increased operating costs due to lower energy efficiency -- this new home is the Clear Winner!

New Homes for sale and Lots for sale in Lakeridge North, Camas WA
There are still more lots available at Lakeridge North for you to check out and see if you want to follow the New Home route at this location or, perhaps at one of the other fine locations in Camas and Vancouver that are also available.  We've created a new web page for Lakeridge Homes and Lots For Sale to get you started!

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