Do You Want To Know The Truth?

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Dynasty
I have been going out doorknock to FSBOs, Expireds, and NODs, and many of them does not seem to want the truth. For example a FSBO in my area is trying to sell his property for over 4 months and did not get any buyer making any real offer. My advise to him is that there might be something to do with the price and he should get a CMA or appraisal. The guy didn't listen and after 4 more months of trying to sell himself and not get anything, he got really frustrated. Going to meet up with him next week to see what he wanted to do. But he could had saved 8 months of frustration and waiting. For Expires many of the sellers didn't even get notified about the listings ended and when us agents called them up to inquire about their home, they get upset. We even gave them the MLS number so they can google and check it themselves and they wouldn't do it. For NODs that is a group that I been giving my heart and time to. Many of them are hoping that the loan mods or refi would save their homes but they only check up with their rep once a month while their home is being sold next week. Yesterday there was a woman that we talked to was going to have her home sold next week. She keep saying that her rep would keep delaying for her and I was lying about her home being sold. I even had the trustee on the speakerphone saying that the home is going to be sold next week and she still wouldn't believe. As agents, we might have gotten a bad reputation for what happened the last few years. No matter how bad the news is, I always have to tell my clients the truth even if they might not want to hear it. The truth might be hard to swallow but we have to face reality now and hopefully can try to fix the problem while it is small before it gets bigger.

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