Google Mobile Now Makes use of GPS

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Google is one of the top service providers for internet 2 and cool tech software and many of us crave the newest and best.   Here is a list of some great Google Mobile applications.  Most of them are easy to use and easy to set up.  I use it to get driving directions, find businesses and check traffic conditions. It truly is an indispensable program for anyone with a compatible smartphone.

The newest version of Google maps takes advantage of GPS functionality in some of the newer phones.  So if you are lucky enough...that means you may be able to make use of them.  Blackberrys are starting to be produced with integrated GPS--8300 and 8800.   Google Mobile Maps, can show your current location (within 3 meters)! This is huge, especially for someone without GPS technology in their car. I can now search for an address or business (by name or business type) and get turn-by-turn driving directions from my current location.

Some other great phones that can use this feature:  the Blackberry 8800 (AT&T), those with the new Blackberry 8830 (Verizon), Blackberry 8800 (T-Mobile), Samsung BlackJack, Helio's Ocean and any other GPS enabled phones.

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