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I ran across this article today and found it very informative.  If you are considering a move to the Fort Hood Area, or anywhere in Texas, you might find it interesting as well. 

Texas...Real Estate's RainbowTexas Real Estate: A Hot Spot For Us Real Estate
Out of all the predictions made in regards to the United States economy and real estate scene, many believe that Texas will serve as a hot spot when it comes to buying a house. This means that both buyers and sellers should keep their ears to the ground in regards to the real estate boom that is taking place in Texas. Despite the increases in short-term interest rates that have created a considerably slowed-down housing market, Texas still provides a hearty housing economy. With a little help from a solid low unemployment rate, increases in personal income, and overall low interest rates, the Texas real estate market is thought to prove quite beneficial in the coming years. For those planning to purchase a home in the summer, you will surely be in luck, especially when you aim to make your residence within the great state of Texas. Today, the million-dollar question of the day pertaining to Texas real estate asks the details on what makes this state so special when it comes to the buying and selling of real estate? For starters, when you take a look at the housing markets spread across Texas; you will notice that they have kept a consistent pace in providing some of the most affordable shelter throughout the country. Across the nation, cities such as Killeen, Texas (rated fifth least expensive) have been mentioned in housing market reports alerting the public that Texas is indeed a hotbed for residential advancements. Numerous cities in Texas are leading the way in creating a market that easily competes with the national average. If there were ever a place to situate yourself in Texas, Killeen seems like the place to be. Since 1994, the city has been recognized as a destination that provides housing seen well below the national median. According to a Coldwell Banker survey, the city still presents the fifth lowest prices in regards to Texas real estate. Looking for additional reasonably priced cities located in Texas? Try checking out the ins and outs of El Paso and College Station. The Lowdown on Killeen, Texas Real Estate Are you new to the area and wondering what to expect if you’d like to take advantage of the exceptionally satisfying Texas real estate prices in Killeen? This particualar city accommodates more than 100,000 residents, who rely on the close proximity to Fort Hood, a large military base comprised of soldiers and their families. Some of the related activities and attractions found in the city include Central Texas College, the University of Central Texas, rodeos, stock car racing, as well as numerous dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities. Overall, exploring Texas real estate is highly recommended if you are considering a move to the South. With great weather and great housing opportunities, you can’t go wrong.

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