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365 things to do in Worcester County - Rietta Ranch Hubbardston flea market, yes ladies and gentleman, I love flea markets.  Where else can you feel like a rich person, buying all the "wants" and not necessarily the "need" with out guilt?  At a flea market of course.  My favorite pick is the Hubbardston flea market.  Here you can pretty much find anything, from a refrigerator to World War II memorabilia.  I have seen some really cool things and some thing I just wondered why in the world did you not throw it away?


Being a real estate agent, I like to joke that I go to Rietta Ranch flea market to hone my negotiating skills.  Ok, so on the surface it might seem funny and even rediculous but if you think about it, where else can you study so many different people and their approach to negotiations.  The experience is invaluable and if you ask real nice, I might even blog about different negotiating styles I've discovered at the flee market.

Rietta Ranch is located @ 183 Gardner Rd., in Hubbardston.  It has approximately 30+ rows of tables.  I would say that about 40% are dealers (people who are there every week, selling either new products or stuff cleaned out from someone's house).  The rest are folks just like you and me who want to get rid of their unwanted belongings to make room for new stuff.  Those folks are my favorite.  You can learn a lot by the stuff they have and I tell you, you've never seen this segment of population anywhere else.

I went to talk to one gentleman in particular.  His name is J.R. Greene and he has been a dealer at Rietta Ranch flea market in Hubbardston for over 29 years.  He sells Quabbin memorabilia coins and other currency and his published books.  That's right folks one of 365 things to do in Worcester County is to go to Flea market and if you're lucky like me, talk to an author of 15 books.  How cool is that?!




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Evelyn Johnston
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Cool! I need to get out more and get some footage. I have the means to do it, I just need to get out more!
Aug 01, 2010 10:01 AM