A good leading - or moving - indicator

Real Estate Agent with Warmath Real Estate @ Keller Williams North Atlanta

Lisa Dunn wrote earlier this week in AR that things were different on "her planet".  She was closing a lot of businees and was a little chagrined at all the negativity in the general media.

I appreciated this little pep talk from Lisa.  All the "woe is me" water cooler talk can take its toll.  Pragmatism and fundamental business practices are the call of the day...my business is ticking right along. 

I still maintain that good houses, priced right in this market can and do sell.  To prove this, my most recent listing went under contract in 9 days.  Now I do have a couple that aren't selling as fast, but then I didn't go to such lengths to price them exactly right.

One of my clients in one of the homes that has not sold yet would really like to move and, out of the blue, she called a moving company the other day.  Perhaps wishful thinking, but what she reported to me is that the moving company says they are busier than thay have been for a while.

This isn't something that you read in the paper, but it does tell me the sky is not falling - at least in Atlanta.


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