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Not your typical USED CAR Salesman

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William Trueax at Columbus Motor Company  is not your typical USED CAR Salesman. 

I have been looking for ways to cut costs in my real estate business as well as my personal life. One of my big expenses was my car.  So I went to talk to William Trueax at Columbus Motor Company. 

I did my research.  I was told:

DO NOT let the car salesman know you  have a trade.

Negotiate the price of the car on the lot and then bring back the trade.

Go on the last day of the month when they need to meet their quotas.

I broke all the rules except one.  I did go on the second to the last day of the month. 

I walked into the dealership and asked for William.  I told him EXACTLY what my goal was  "I wanted to trade in my car and lower my monthly payments by as much as humanly possible."

To my surprise he did pretty much the same thing that I would have done if a seller came into my office and told me they wanted to sell their house in order to buy another one.

He looked at my car and researched on line and came up with a value on my car.

He asked me what my monthly payment was.  Then he pulled out a book from his drawer and started to do some more research.  He narrowed it down to two cars that would be a lower payment.

He suggested that I call a lender and get pre qualified for a loan and then come back.

The next day I came back with loan documentation in hand and the deal was done.  From start to finish it was less than 36 hours and all my objectives had been reached.

I am now driving a car that is 4 years newer, gets better mileage, lower repair & maintanance costs, lower insurance, and did not have to sacrifice on amenities.  My Ford Fusion has SYNC so I also have hands free device included without a monthly fee.


Did I get Lucky?

Was I a great negotiator?

Did I get taken to the cleaners and still don't know because of my joy of driving around in a new car?

Maybe a little of all.  I don't care if William made a profit!  I hope  he did!!!  I got what I was shopping for and he helped me get it and he needs to be compensated for that.

If you are in the market for a good used car and you are in Columbus, Ft. Benning, GA, Phenix City, Ft. Mitchell, AL area stop by and give William a shot.  He is not your typical USED CAR Salesman.


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Doris Freeman
Zach Taylor Real Estate - Gallatin, TN
Broker/Agent, 615-961-7799

Its a perfect example of do your homework, before you hit the streets.

Aug 02, 2010 04:20 AM
Paige Walker
Paige Walker - Pineville, LA
Real Estate Guru - Alexandria Pineville LA

Great story Charmaine! and Congrats on your new car....You are going to love your sync!! It's just too cool! I think you did a great job and so did William. Every one was happy in the end!

Aug 02, 2010 04:28 AM