Oh Chase.......are they ever going to get it right?

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I am sitting here stewing about a listing that I have almost had for a year.  It is a short sale that I priced as high (I did this to show the bank that I did everything possible to get the highest price) as I could go and then did the appropriate price reductions.  When I got to the right price point "Bingo!".  Four offers came in, I submitted the packet with the strongest contract and then I sat.  I sat and sat and sat.  Left countless voice mail messages/emails and five months later finally was assigned a negotiator.  After spending time, gas, money for marketing Chase used some dimwit appraiser who did not know their head from well I won't go there.  She came back at $20,000 MORE and comparables that were not appropriate.  I even sent Chase my stats that I downloaded from my board, along with estimates for repairs that needed to be done and explained that the offer was right on target.  The bank then came back and told me they would only pay 1% towards a buyer's closing costs and wanted more money.  I requested a new appraisal be done, they said "No" are you kidding me?  Chase then told me to take the house off of the market they were going to foreclose.  That was seven months ago.....After that conversation I removed the home from the market per Chase to have my client call me two days later telling me that Chase had just called them and wanted me to re list the house??????  I then with a head that looked like a tomato due to the rage....called Chase and asked them if they were smoking Crack!  Yes I actually said that...not one of my proudest moments.  Needless to say the rep stated that they would order another appraisal when I got a  new contract.  She further told me that she did not understand this either, but that "I should go forward and prosper", say what Willis?  Needless to say my showings are nonexistent.  The house is staler than a week old muffin and to boot it looks like I need to do another price reduction so that I can even get some interest going again.  The worst part is there is no water or electric..the roaches are taking over and it is deteriorating every day since it is vacant.  Yes Chase, congratulations you have done a wonderful job!  This home could have been closed on and off of your books months ago, but because of a  lack of knowledge and worse yet NOT using common sense it is thanks to banks like you and your unwillingness to do the right thing we are in the mess that we are now in.  Oh. and thanks for wasting my time and money I am so happy that at the end of the week you get a pay check if you do your job or not!!!!  Must be nice oh and thanks for leaving me out in the rain.....


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Michael Ford
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Nicole short sales are really hard to work.  I waited 90 days to here back from Walls Fargo and when the replied it was for more money and they wanted us to close in 10 days!!  I ask them if they understood the new RESPA Laws.

Aug 03, 2010 07:03 AM