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Today, it was announced that pending home sales are at an "all time low".  Great!

Today, Tim Geithner, Obama's financial guru, announced that unemployment WILL go higher before it trends downward.  Great again!

  There is a malaise over this economy.  For those of us that still believe in prayer, it may be time to put in a little extra kneeling time.  We were promised that the "stimulus" would  rebound the economy back toward growth.  Yet, after 1 trillion plus dollars, the past quarter numbers continue to be revised downward, with the explanation that they got the facts wrong.

   Combine this news with the NY City Council voting to OK the building of a 13 story mosque with a palestinian stone's throw from Ground Zero and continuing negative news out of Afghanistan, one begins to wonder what is happening to our great country.

   Is it just me?  With geniuses like Biden and Pelosi at the helm of our economy and social policy, what could go wrong, right?

   I for one cannot wait for the first Tuesday in November.  All around this nation, voters are chomping at the bit to bring back some measure of sanity to Washington.  Here in Tennessee, the governor's race has emphasized the role of the 10th Amendment in national politics.  Go Arizona, by the way!

   Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, South Dakota, and a few other states are saying "enough is enough".  The American people are too smart, too good, and too motivated to let idiots in Washington ruin our country.

   Let's speak well of Lady Liberty and brag of General Washington.  The beauty and history of our nation has never faded; it has been attacked by those that would deny its greatness and elegance and unique place in time.

   I love America.  I am glad to be an American.  I am proud to be a Realtor in the greatest country the world has ever seen.  Are you with me?

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Linda Powers
Resort Realty - Duck - Duck, NC
On the Outer Banks


Much food for thought here. We certainly need prayers and voices at the polls.

Aug 03, 2010 09:18 AM