In the market for a home in the Poconos? This time go "Direct" and save!!!

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In the market for a home in the Poconos? This time go "Direct" and save!!!

We have to admit, we are not marketing gurus, but we are pretty darn good at providing a "second to none" product.  We are able to offer better homes with unbeatable upgrades and incentives included, at prices that rival "builder-grade, cookie cutter" homes, yet when it comes to "drawing a picture" of why you should be looking at Pocono Luxury Inc. for your next home, we face obstacles.  What I mean is that most people prefer the "I want to touch it and feel it" approach; they would prefer to see an over-the-top model before buying or building, even if that means overpaying for the home, getting lower warranty and overall getting a worse of a deal than really possible.  Pocono Luxury Inc. is a "Spec-Builder" (Building with our own or bank's money and then selling the home) first and a Traditional Builder second and because of that we have a "No Overhead Cost" policy, the spec homes we build are our models and that is part of the reason we are able to offer what we offer...NO OVERHEAD COST.   

You constantly see all these commercials where company "X" is advertising that you can save a couple of hundred dollars per year, because by going through them you cut out the middleman, well that's our point exactly, Pocono Luxury Inc. started out by building for different investors and now, we are in business for you, the customer., DIRECTLY.  Here is what this means for you; When you hire a builder to build your new custom home (which never comes with everything you want, or costs an arm and a leg to get everything you want), the builder prices your new home based upon his "profit to expense ratio" (the hire the expense of goods, service, office, machinery, subcontractors etc. the more the builder has to charge for the home to make a profit), you end up paying for all of the builder's expenses and getting less of the house with less of a warranty because "there wasn't enough room financially to give you more".  Now ask yourself this... is it really worth it?  We are in business to give you more, more standard upgrades, more square footage, more warranty, more value.  We are the equivalent of that DIRECT company, except we don't save you hundreds, we save you Tens of Thousands of Dollars and there is no cutting corners here, ALL our models come packed with standard upgrades. When you Build with us, you get a standard full basement, 3-6-10 year warranty, multiple incentives and many extras.  So before you go to look at another home or home- builder make sure you see what Pocono Luxury has to offer first, YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID.  Please visit for complete information and pricing on all our models.

 Don't see a model you like? We will design a complete custom home just for you.  We have models in most price ranges, but if we do not have one in yours, give us a call and we will design a luxury home model that will fit your budget.  Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.


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