"What We Have is a Failure To Communicate"

Real Estate Sales Representative with CENTURY 21 Ludecke, Inc.

In my last blog I mentioned the nice couple that flew out from Chicago in the attempt to find something comparable, if not affordable, in the Arcadia, California area. I was hoping to provide you more information on my relocation (relo) activity with them, but unfortunately the relocation company that called us from Arizona has yet to return our telephone calls. We find this a bit strange in that we had been very punctual in responding to their requests for update information on the folks that they referred to us. So, as soon as we hear anything, I will be happy to pass it along on this blog. Alright, as long as we're at it, do you know where the expression, "What we have here is a failure to communicate"? That's right, it was the head guard/supervisor who muttered that sentence in the movie "Cool Hand Luke". Well, next writting, I think it may be interesting to fill you in on what it was like growing up in Arcadia, California during the 50's and 60's. Arcadia real estate was quite different then, as it was elsewhere, but the conditions in Arcadia were particularly memorable with horse back riding and mountain climbing, and going to the drive in on Friday nights. "Those were the days"...uh oh, another phrase from a television sitcom. Remember which one? Okey, it was sung at the piano by Carol O'Connor and Jean Stapleton in the opening sequence of All in the Family. See you in my next blog about the good 'ol days growing up in Arcadia. Gene Glasco

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