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We've got some amazing stuff to show you this morning!

ActiveRain represents the blogging platform of choice for more real estate professionals than all other blogging resources combined. We reached this position by consistently connecting our members with those they are seeking to reach: whether they wish to connect with the largest network of real estate professionals in the world or the 2,500,000 consumers that visit ActiveRain each month.

Monday, August 2nd, we introduced ActiveRain Community Pages, an incredible new way to present your hyper-local content to consumers in the way they want to see it.

With this rollout, we've taken over 2,000,000 blog posts and organized them into 100,000 member-defined communities. This will be one of the premier resources for the world's most up-to-date hyper-local information. 

Please check out what an example Community Page looks like:

If you are a RainMaker, the hyper local posts you publish on ActiveRain will syndicate to these Community Pages, automatically, and for no additional charge!

In addition to the organic content section on the left side of the page, we will also be offering our members a chance to become the exclusive sponsors for each community. 

Sponsorships will include the ability to:

  • Prominently display your picture on the page along with your contact information.
  • Create a highlighted link back to a location of your choice (most likely your home search website).
  • Upload a high definition marquee photo for the community to be displayed at the top of the page.
  • Write a community description describing the highlights of living in that community which will be a static portion of the page.

On Wednesday at noon (PST) we will begin offering an exclusive sponsorship position for each community. Sponsorships will be available to RainMakers for $19/mo, and for non-RainMakers for $29/mo. 

To sponsor a community, visit your community of choice and if your community is still available, you'll be able to sponsor it right from there.

We have exciting plans to bring additional value to the sponsorships, so look for those in the coming weeks and months.


The Community Pages are live now! You can find links to them on the City Pages on ActiveRain:

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