Get yourself into a Luxury Home...You deserve it!!!

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Get yourself into a Luxury Home...You deserve it!!!


Here are the simple 6 steps to your dream home in PA.


We want to make your process of obtaining a home is as simple as possible. Here are your 6 simple steps to get a brand new custom home to call your own.

Step #1 Get pre-qualified:
Using your own or one of our lenders.
Step #2 Select a lot: 
Our real estate agents will help you every step of the way. The lot selection process is one of the most important steps for you as a homeowner.  Whether your priority is the school district, a specific development, a commuter location or a vacation spot, one of our real estate agents will make sure you find what you are looking for.
Step #3 Select a model: 
Select one of our perfected models. All models are custom built to your specifications. 
Step #4 Start the loan process: 
The process normally takes between 3 and 6 weeks. The FHA Construction Loan will allow the borrower to have a onetime closing and finance the construction of the house as well as the land purchase. (A onetime closing is a construction loan which will rollover into a standard mortgage after the completion of the home.)
Step #5 Finalize the design:
You are ready to finalize the design and get your dream home underway. In this step you will select the interior finish: (Colors, tile, hardwood, carpets, kitchen & granite.) And the exterior finish: (Roof shingles, siding, stone, stucco.) 
Step #6 The construction begins: 
Depending on the model and the weather conditions, your home will be ready in 3 – 4 ½ months from the time we “break ground.” You will have 3 walkthroughs to make any changes to your home. You are welcome on your property at any time, but the changes can be made only during the:  Pre-frame stage to make changes to the frame structure. Pre-rough stage to make changes to the electric and plumping fixture locations. Sheetrock stage to make changes to any wall color, tile, hardwood and kitchen. During these stages most changes are free of charge. Even though all our models come standard loaded with upgrades, you still have the option of adding more upgrades. All upgrades will be given to you at cost. 
That’s all there is to it. No fine print, no tricks. You get a complete, affordable custom home, exactly where and how you want it. Now that you have the house of your dreams, rest assured your dreams won’t turn into nightmares with our standard piece-of-mind” warranty.
The easy 6 steps is part of the Pocono Luxury Inc. process. Please visit us @ for complete detail.  Thank you


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