TIPS: Tricks that work when negotiating a short sale.

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Tip:  I had finisihed submitting a short sale package to B of A two weeks ago and I haven't heard or gotten any email, so I went back to check on the Equator to see if they have already assigned a negotiator and I found out that they did.  At 10:00 am yesterday, I sent the assigned negotiator an email saying, "Hi, _______!  This is Glena with Century 21 Aadvantage Gold.  I am the agent representing the short sale of ___________________, Loan # _____ and I just want to say Hi."  At exactly 12:00 noon I got one email from her asking me to send her a copy of the hardship letter...the 2nd email came in at 12:02 pm asking me for a copy of the Bankruptcy documents and the 3rd email came in at 12:04 pm and it was to let me know that she has uploaded a counter offer.  She has countered for an additional $2,000 above the offer price and she s lowering the commission to 5%.  I sent her another email to thank her for her prompt response and how much I appreciate her for doing that and asked her, "What would be the possibility that I can up the commission back to 6% and leave the offer price the way it is"  She said to just go ahead and counter back with the same offer and with the 6% commission and she will try her hardest to get it approved.  Now, that is wonderful!  

This file was fully approved at the asking price and with the commission remaining at 6%.

As of this writing, I have not had any short sale negotiation that lasted over a month in my negotiations with the lender...and I have succeeded in doing this 4 times within the past 30 days.  However, this is not typical, situations could vary, so does the results.  Maybe I am just lucky, but I use the same trick over and over again. 
Sometimes, little things like saying Hi can make the difference.  It does not always work, but it is worth a try.  I have been trained 3 times on how to handle short sale and foreclosed transactions and I have learned that the worst possible thing that an agent can do is sit and wait. Just send a simple email and say Hi to make yourself be memorable to the negotiators and also to send a message that "I'M WAITING, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET MY FILE?"

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I represent Buyers and Sellers in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas.  I am experienced in handling short sales and foreclosed home transactions.  I am not intimidated by negotiators and I have successfully negotiated "hard to close" transactions in a shorter period of time.

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June Stark
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Thanks for the tip - These short sales can be very trying for all parties involved.

Aug 06, 2010 07:07 AM