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WEBSITES: Business Focused – Capture Leads You have a website – no one goes there except you and possibly a handful of clients and friends because:

1. It’s hard to find

2. I can’t think of why I’d go back to it Decide what you want your website to be and tell your clients what it’s for. “a resource to get market data or search for homes” a place you can find information about a community or about me, etc… Make sure there are conversion tools on your website: Conversion tools = a place a clients or potential clients can give you their contact information so that you can have a conversation with them about real estate. That’s why you got a website in the first place right?

Be smart about Tagging and the Titles you use, Key Words, Google Analytics – know how people are looking for you (Key Words) and know how to find out how they are finding you (Analytics) You may or may not have a blog, you may or may not want a blog.

BLOGS: Content Driven – Capture Followers Blogs are designed for you in real estate to be able to edit and update content frequently – and have the same problem as websites:

1. It’s hard to find (usually I have to find your website first)

2. I can only sometimes think of why to come back (basically content driven) The reason most agents stay away from blogs is that they take consistency and time to keep them up to date and it difficult to find new fresh content on a continual basis (working out only once doesn’t do any good)

Two types of blogs if you’re thinking about doing them: you want people to come back and read them, get a following, etc…

Here are a couple of examples:

1. Common Interest Blogs (i.e. triathlon and training:, area specific or community blog

2. Real Estate / Industry Specific : or Let me know if you have an opinion.

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