5 Items to Consider When Selling Your Property

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Bluefax Realty, LLC

1. Condition.  A good first impression should never be overlooked when trying to sell a property.   Take a weekend to spruce the front yard and to do some touch up painting before you list.  There's a saying that can be very true in real estate.  "Paint in the bucket is worth $20.  Paint on the walls is worth a $1000." As an experienced agent. Please take this to heart.

Consider the builder's model home. It is staged with furniture, a picture or two, and just a few items in the closet so that they're not empty.  They have spent a lot of research dollars delving into the psychology of modern buyers to determine just how much to put in those homes.  Especially if you're in an older home, we can learn from their investment. Go visit a few models, emulate them as closely as possible with what you've got.  And don't be afraid to spend $50 - $100 on a storage unit if you've got more than they do. It can payoff big time.

2. Location.  Everyone has heard that success in real estate involves  location, location, location.  Well, not exactly.  It can be good & bad.  What about all of the traffic increases in your area?  You will need someone that overcome this.  Maybe it is "close to shopping" or "centrally located" now that more shopping has been developed nearby. 

3. Price. Be careful of any advice you get from helpful neighbors, or what Mr. jones told you he got for his place.  The truth is he may have been asking $250,000 and only received $225,000.  Just because he said he accepted "a great offer", doesn't mean it was full price.  Maybe he was emabarrassed to tell you the truth.  You should consider the stats local to your neighborhood on list price vs. sold price.  Your agent should know this ratio. The prices form 6 months ago may not be relevant today.

You as the seller determine the listing price.  The buyer determines their offering price.  And together, you both decide the final sales price.  This requires great commincation between you & your agent.  Make sure you have that.

4. Terms. Are you willing to pay some of the buyers closing costs?  Look at what is customary, and make an informed decision.  I've seen deals that really needed to happen go south over a $50 item.  But it was the "the principle of the matter" I was told.  Later, the property did sell, for a lower offer.

5. Your Agent.  Not all companies or agents offer the same level of service for the same commission.  What's the difference in 5%, 6% or even more?  Some will list your home for "1/2 off".  Half off of what?   Full service?   Full service may be a realtive term.  Always compare agents and don't forget to compare marketing plans.  What specifically are they going to do? 

  • Written Marketing Schedule.
  • Professional Photographer. 
  • Staging.
  • Professional Flyers or MLS Printouts?
  • Virtual Tour or a photo in the MLS. 
  • Color Print Advertising. 
  • Internet Marketing.
  • Just Listed mailings to your neighbors. 
  • Agent to Agent Networking. 
  • Public AND Agent Open Houses.
  • Communication Schedule. 
  • Presenting offers & calculating net sheets.


 John King is a Realtor in San Antonio with Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper, Realtors and has been a licensed salesperson in The State of Texas since 2004.  He can be reached at (210)445-2631 or jking@cbharper.com.

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