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Those pesky mosquitos

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If you're like me, you like to sit out in the evening when the sun and heat are disappating and a little breeze is blowing as the sun sets and the darkness slowly surrounds you.  Unfortunately the mosquito has awoken from the oppressive heat also and wants YOUR blood. And if you're like me, you hate giving it to them.  What to do to have your evening and not get bitten?  Don't want to spray yourself all over with anti mosquito spray?  Don't want to cover up every square inch of your exposed body? (They even will bite through t-shirts) Don't want to attract and kill the beneficial insects with the blue electric zapper? (Plus the noise of it all). Don't want to sit right on top of a citronella candle? OK, you say, get on with it, what is your great idea already????  Simple and it works. It helps if you have one of the large floor fans but I suppose smaller ones are effective also.  Buy two or so of the citronella pails (find them at outdoor stores) and set them BEHIND the candle and light them.  Obviously you are going to turn the fan on, and obviously you are going to have the fan blowing on you and your party.  So now you know what to do. Keep the candles far enough away from the fan so it doesn't suck the flame out, thus negating any effects.  After awhile you'll get the hang of it and the mosquitos won't get to hang out on you. A win-lose situation.  Enjoy your evenings, get a small breeze without paying the dues, at least that's what the mosquitos call it for being in their path.  This small bit of life returning info is brought to you by http://www.alamoareavirtualtours.com Pass this on to your clients and they will love you, respect you, remember you,  and buy/sell their homes through you. :>)  If you like this info, please leave a short comment, (I Like) or something like that so I know I'm appreciated and will strive to bring you more little tidbits of useful (hopefully) information. Ciao and have a great weekend.