Cary NC area Roofing and repair.

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Starting out during middle school dad my brother and I did a ton of roofing.  We were busy doing punchout list for closings. Dad was also a real estate broker so ultimately I always wanted to be a broker. Taking the class at 18 timing just was not right so 18 years later I passed the state exam and recieved NC Brokers license. In that same month I passed state exam for loan officer. Currently studying for for national mortgage test, have test in the morning. If it were not for dads roofing business I would not be where I am today. Hard work but steady income and almost instant gratification compared to loan and real estate closings. Cary, Pittsboro NC triangle area locals only.


4 years after getting a real estate license I too have my own realestate business and roofing company, so thankful for both. If you are in the Cary or triangle area and need a totally new roof or tiny repair we have been and will be in the business for a while.

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