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Something occured to me recently while I was in my thinking mode, and I do this when I'm able, that any career needs constant nurturing.  Now I know that all business people understand and apply this but, I'm not so sure whether they know the steps to take.  When you consider the things you must do to get a plant to grow and better still, children, it takes all these things to further your business as well. 

Patience:  First and foremost.  To begin, set goals to get you on your way.  After getting your material together, for instance; planning, marketing, reading materials you now have the seed planted in the ground.

The Care:  As with a plant, it needs fertilizer, water and sunshine or medium sunshine.  So does your new work as a Realtor.  We don't know whether or not the plant is going to flourish, we can only hope that by  applying different methods we will procure a healthy plant.  In real estate, the same applies.  We have to take those steps, one at a time, to insure our progress.  Some have a green thumb and the plant seems to get by on its own, others need lessons in how to get the plant on its way.  Here, it's a matter of determination and how much you really want to see your business get on its legs.  Can't get discouraged or your business same as your plant will know it and begin to wither.

One step at a time:  Some of us started with a bit of unhealthy ground and had to completely dig up and fertilize the soil.  This means that it will take a little more time and if not properly cushioned financially, we will have to find a way to get through.  This might mean a part time job or some other sideline.  In any case if your intention is to practice real estate, no matter what the delay, you will achieve  your goal.

The Outcome:  When you see your plant thriving, you swell with pride because you know you did the best you could to make this seed flower into a beauty.  As with all things, the more effort we put into our labors, the greater the success.  I wish you the most beautiful garden for this year.

Ann B. Gravel, Realtor, E-Pro

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