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The Robert J Russell Show

The Robert J Russell Shows originally started out as a dream of mine of always wanting to have my own Radio Show when I was a kid. This idea has created a Forum where I interview people from different occupations and backgrounds and talk about issues that are real and straight forward. 

The Robert J Russell Real Estate Show gives tips about Real Estate offering advice to buyers, sellers, investors etc. The Robert J Russell Real Estate Show is every Friday morning at 9:00 AM CST and is 30 minutes long. We welcome you to listen LIVE or listen at your own leisure on podcast.

The Robert J Russell Show is LIVE every Friday morning at 10:00 AM CST and are usually 30 minutes long and if the topic needs more attention they can be up to 60 minutes long. If you or someone you know would like to be on my show - simply call me: 972-679-9029 and we can arrange it for you.

If you would like to call in to ask Real Estate questions at 9:00 am or if you would like to ask questions on the interview show at 10:00 am - simply call: 347-945-7974.

Below is a history of my previous guests with links to the podcast that you can listen to at your leisure. Enjoy!

 Josh Greathouse - Personal Trainer - Air Date 8-6-2010 - Robert J Russell Show

This week I will be talking with Josh Greathouse. Josh is a Personal Trainer and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is currently employed at Lifetime Fitness in Flower Mound, Tx. Josh is studying physical therapy and Kinesiology and will discuss Weight Training, Weight Loss and the pros and cons of having a Personal Trainer. I welcome you to get off the couch, put away those chips and coke and listen as Josh inspires and motivates you.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Michelle Lynne Pant - Home Stager - Air Date 8-6-2010 

This week we will be interviewing Michelle Pant. Michelle Lynne Pant is the owner of "by Michelle Lynne" - a home staging and redesign firm dedicated to treating her clients and their homes as if they were her own. She is passionate about a household that is as functional as it is beautiful and believes that staging a house "to live" is as important as staging it "to sell" it because life happens - and most of it happens at home. She has lived in more cities than you can count on both hands but has been in Dallas for ten years now and loves coming home to her husband and little dog, Max, every day. Also, be sure and check out my website at              CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Patti Mauro - Talks about her new book - Air Date 7-30-2010

This week my guest is Patti Mauro for a special 60 minute show. 

I asked Patti what she wants to talk about, these are her comments. " I will discuss the divorce of my parents, the kidnapping by my father and subsequent abandonment by both parents, abuse (both physical and mental), extreme poverty, and my mother's and stepfather's alcoholism. My book, "Safe From the Past" describes how I try to overcome the negative voice inside my head that tells me I'm not good enough to achieve anything. But against impossible odds, I go to college anyway with a dream to graduate so I can finally change the course of my life."    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Robert J Russell Real Estate Show - Tips for Sellers - Air Date 7-30-2010

 This week I give some tips to Sellers on how to get your home ready to sell. 
 I discuss staging tips, smells, clutter and other useful tips to get your house ready to put on the market.  for more information - Call me 972-679-9029.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ! 

 Shelly Rice - Founder - Chocolate Blues Networking Event - Air Date 7-23-2010

Our guest this week is Shelly Rice, the owner of the Chocolate Blues and Business Network. This event has been the praises of business owners all over the United States. I am excited to talk to Shelly this week and I know you will enjoy it too! Come listen how this simple idea has spread to join thousands of people together all over the United States.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ! 

 Conversation with Bret Locandro & Teresa Love - Air Date - 7-9-2010

This week will be a heart-filled interview with 2 women - Bret Locandro and Teresa Love Moody who gone through emotional and physical abuse. Come listen as you hear their story and how they dealt with the pain from their environment and how it affected their relationships with their families and with other people. Visit our website to hear other past shows, see the people we have interviewed and find about how you can have Robert J Russell come to speak to your group or organization CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ! 

 Taylor Fyhrie - Marketing Trainer for - Air Date 6-25-2010

Taylor Fyhrie with Taylor is the Online Marketing Trainer for the real estate marketing company in Spokane , WA . The past 6 years he has been heavily involved with social networking and cutting edge of technology. Come join us to hear what he has to say - this will be especially beneficial to anyone that has a Facebook Profile or Facebook Fan Page. He also discuss Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace - come listen to this - I think you will benefit from this one! 


 Curt King - Talking about Men's Accountability - Air Date 6-18-2010

Curt King will be discussing Men's Accountability and the importance of men forming friendships to hold each other accountable. Curt King is married to his wife Shannon, and is a father of two, Chelsea and Logan. Curt retired from the U.S Air Force after serving 23 years and is currently a manager at a local defense contractor. He spends his off time with his family, volunteers as a technical director and teaching at Lake Pointe Church, helps raise awareness for Autism Speaks, and enjoys working with other non-profits helping people find freedom in their lives. Curt will also discuss his vision of why Accountability is so important in the home and how the book " The Man Code " inspired him to be a part of a Mens Group that he and I are both on. For you men - you must listen to this one For you women - you must listen to this for your man!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Father's Day Special - Kristi Pugh, Rick Radliff & Rebecca Powers - 6-11-2010

This is our one hour Father's Day Special. I interviewed Kristi Pugh, Rebecca Powers and Rick Radliff and asked them hard and emotional questions so I think you will enjoy their answers as they share with us what Father's Day means to them. I go into deep topics about Fathers that is guaranteed to touch your heart and hopefully will fill a void that you might be feeling. Come join us - I guarantee with these people - you will be glad you listened in.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Daron Sneed - CEO of SEO Octane - Air Date 5-28-2010 & 7-2-2010

Daron Sneed is the CEO of SEO Octane, a search engine optimization company in the dallas area who has been providing online services for over 9 years including: website design, interactive cd-roms, interactive graphics and GUI (gooey) design. Daron also has a strong background in media production and is now a self-proclaimed MEDIA MONGER who can produce virtually any form of media and specializes in making it web-friendly. His SEO techniques are all self-taught and proven. Daron believes in treating everyone with Hoesty, Integrity and Respect and learns at least one new vocablulary word a day. Come join us for an informative and humorous discussion with Daron!

                                                 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!  PART 1 Interview on 5-28-2010

                                                 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!  Part  2 Interview on 7-2-2010

 Doc Compton - Founder of - Air Date 5-21-2010

Doc Compton is the founder of Omega Credit Repair & Counseling Services in McKinney,TX with a desire to change the world, one person at a time, one dollar at a time. After having been deeply moved by a simple 'giving' experience himself, he wanted to share that experience, and the joy that came with it, with as many people as possible. As a result, he recently created a non-profit group to share the concept of giving. Tune in to hear how this simple idea is creating such a stir that FoxNews has already talked about it on the news.
                                               CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 David West - Founder of - Air Date 5-14-2010

David West is the Founder of a NEW Website called is a downloadable digital mall for Christian content. From you can download sermons, teaching series, electronic books, audio-books and music. New Ministries and content every month!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Kim Mayer - Volunteer for Crimes against Children - Air Date 5-7-2010

This week we will have as our special guest - Kim Mayers. Kim's background is as follows: * BA in Business Administration from U of MN 1981 * Owned and operated my own Aerobics Studio for 10+ years * Co-Founder and Development Director of Foundation; Fostering Healing and Hope * Newly licensed foster parent. * CPS worker from 2006 - 2009 * Attended Discovery Program April, May and June 2005 Volunteer for the Program monthly * Volunteer at Children's Shelter called Jonathan's Place * Volunteer at the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center and Crimes Against Children Program every year.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Carrie Layne - CEO of - Air Date 4-30-2010

This weeks show I will be interviewing Carrie Layne - CEO of Carrie will be discussing the vision of their website as well as Interactive Media and their 360 Degree - Hyper-Local approach to internet marketing. If you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other form of Social Media you will not want to miss this. This show will be held LIVE at 10:00 AM CST or if you miss it you can always listen to the recorded version via podcast.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Diane Cunningham - Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur - Air Date 4-23-2010

Come join us for Friday April 23rd at 10:00 am CST to listen to my Interview with Diane Cunningham, ENTREPRENEUR & Business Coach. You will enjoy Diane's wisdom, character, leadership and enthusiasm. 

 Ravi Verma - Owner of - Air Date 4-16-2010

This weeks show will be an Interview with Ravi Verma. Ravi is the founder of SmoothApps,, a boutique I.T. Management Consulting firm that helps organizations develop and use I.T. innovatively - creating sustainable prosperity, excitement and energy among employees, partners, customers, and communities. He has 11+ years building and leading global IT teams in giants like Cisco and HP, in mid-sized companies and startups and is intimately familiar with the patterns of success and failure that repeat when you put a bunch of people with a bunch of code.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Robert Duncan - Overcomer of Drug Addiction - Air Date 4-9-2010

This weeks show will be discussing how to get over your past. Many people will make decisions based on circumstances that happened in a persons life or situation. I plan to answer questions so feel free to call in! Robert Duncan will discuss his drug addiction, time in jail and how he has overcome this addiction.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 John Lingenfelder - Congressional Candidate 3rd District - Air Date 4-2-2010

This weeks guest is Congressional Candidate John Ligenfelder. Mr. Ligenfelder is running for the 3rd Congressional District in Collin County, Texas. We welcome your comments and encourage you to call in and ask questions.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Joe Cascio - Bounty Hunter - Bail Bondsman - Air Date 3-26-2010

This weeks show is with our special guest Joe Cascio. Joe after working for his parents Italian Restaurant in Monroe, Louisiana decided to start his own Bail Bonds business. Joe will talk about his experiences chasing after criminals that have attempted to escape. I think you will enjoy what this 155 pound Italian Stallion has to say.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

  Arthur Greeno - Guiness World Record Holder - Air Date 3-12-2010

This weeks guest is Arthur Greeno. Arthur is the husband to Noell Greeno, and a father of 6 kids. He has worked for Chick-fil-A for 22 years starting as a cashier in 1988. After graduating from Oral Roberts University, He bought his first Chick-fil-A location. He now owns 2 locations and is a consultant for another, he has also been featured in the Guinness World Record book for the Worlds largest Lemonade, and ripley believe it or not book for the worlds largest hand spun milkshake.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Danny Cahill - Winner of 2009 - Biggest Loser TV Show - Air Date 3-9-2010

Danny Cahill 2009 Winner of the TV Show " The Biggest Loser " will be talking about his weight loss, diet,  exercise, life before the show and maintaining his weight after the show. Come join us to hear this humble and Biggest Loser!    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

 Amanda Arlauskas - 3rd place - Biggest Loser TV Show - Air Date 3-5-2010

This weeks Guest will be Amanda Arlauskas. Amanda was voted in by America to be on the 8th season of The Biggest Loser where she made it to the final 3. After struggling with obesity her entire life, she has lost 87 lbs. For the first time in her life she is the happiest and most confident she's ever been, but she still struggles on a daily basis to maintain her new healthy lifestyle.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

  Cindy Morgan - Build A Better You - Air Date 2-26-2010

This week Cindy Morgan with 'Build A Better You' will be joining me. 'Build A Better You' hosts both The Surrendered Soul women's retreats as well as The Heart of a Warrior men's retreats that are making a difference in people's lives. Come listen how the retreats began in 2006 and how Build A Better You plans to continue to impact lives in the future.          CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

  Doc Compton - President of Omega Credit & Counseling - Air Date 2-19-2010

This weeks show we will have the President and Founder of Omega Credit Repair and Counseling Service - Doc Compton. Come listen to Doc as he discusses all things about consumer credit. You will find this information informative as well as enlightening.       Click Here to Listen!

George Mendez - Farmers Insurance Agent - Air Date 2-12-2010

This weeks guest will be George Mendez from Farmers Insurance Group. George Mendez has been in the customer service industry since 1989. After working in the airline business for 15 years, he wanted to try something different, so he went into sales at one of the largest furniture stores in the nation; Rooms To Go. After becoming one of the top sales producers in the company, Mr. Mendez is now ready for a new challenge in the insurance industry, where he hopes to create long lasting relationships with his customers by providing full asset and family protection.     CLICK HERE TO LISTEN !

Rian Roberts - Mortgage Banker - Air Date 2-5-2010

This weeks guest will be Rian Roberts from Fairway Mortgage. Rian Roberts has seen all sides of the mortgage world. When he first started as a Loan Officer for a small brokerage in 1998, licenses weren't even required. All that you needed to be a Mortgage Broker was a phone and a fax machine. After becoming the lead producer for the brokerage, Mr. Roberts ventured out on his own to start Trinity Home Loans at the beginning of 2001. Trinity started as a brokerage but quickly morphed into a fully functioning mortgage bank with its own designated processors, underwriters, and closers. During the last decade, Trinity helped obtain mortgage financing for over 2,000 families in Denton County alone. The staff at Trinity recently became a part of the Fairway Independent Mortgage network, maintaining their status as mortgage bankers. Moving into the next decade, Mr. Roberts will continue to provide the same level of knowledge and service as he has the past 12 years.     Click Here to Listen!


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