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The huge obstacle to being successful online is overcoming the need to research and understand your online market. This is SUPER helpful to acheiving success by leveraging knowledge to better harvest results.

Original content by John Jones

San Diego homes, San Diego real estate, San Diego Foreclosures... these are all types of keywords you can expect home buyers, sellers and real estate investors to be searching for on Google. 

To prove the above statement I went to Google's own keyword tool to get the estimated number of times each of the above keywords have been searched over the last month.  Here are the results: 

  1. San Diego Homes - Searched roughly 673,000
  2. San Diego real Estate - Searched roughly 201,000
  3. San Diego foreclosures - Searched roughly 301,000
Even if you were to rank well enough for just those three keywords to get 1% of the total visitors from those searches you would be looking at 11,750 visitors to your website each and every month.

The three mentioned keywords are CRAZY popular and therefore probably going to be highly competitive amongst your peers if you are in San Diego.  While these are the most desired keywords to rank for in San Diego, they aren't the only keywords.

In every market, we find that a real estate agent will target multiple markets and multiple niche focal points.  This gives us a starting point with our keyword research and ultimately results in a list of keywords ranging from maybe 30 all the way up to several hundred combinations.

Today I launched a new FREE hyperlocal keyword discovery tool that takes the process of building your initial keyword list and simplifies it.  Anyone can utilize this tool without the need of a PHD or deep understanding of the Internet.  There are a total of three questions asked; they are:

Hyperlocal Keyword Discovery Tool

#1.  What areas (Cities, Counties, Neighborhoods) do you work in?
#2.  What service / product (real estate, foreclosures, luxury homes, etc.) do you sell?
#3.  What state are you in?

Give it a try, you'll find that keyword research doesn't have to be difficult at all.  Once you have your keyword list, take it to Google via the link above and determine which keywords are going to drive the most traffic and which ones are you focusing on that maybe you shouldn't be wasting your time with.


John F. Jones III

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Shelley Rowton
Move To Realty - Austin, TX
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Thanks for sharing these.  I am spending the day doing some blog planning, and this is where I probably should start!

Aug 10, 2010 05:37 AM