Irvine Terrace Coloring Contest

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Irvine Terrace Coloring Contest

Calling all children and grand children in Irvine Terrace! Picture yourself at the beach! Draw a picture and call me and I'll come pick it up. The drawing can be on any size paper or on my mailing piece sent out the week of August 9th. Let me know if you need any more mailers and I will drop them off. All entries will receive a special gift. I am excited to see what the artists that live in our wonderful community of Irvine Terrace create. CONTEST ENDS AUGUST 29TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 A little trivia about Irvine Terrace.  All of our streets are named after boats that were owned by either famous or local people. Here they are:

Altura Drive  (48' Schooner) owned by North Baker

Angelita Drive (50' Sloop) owned by John Earle Wells

Bayadere Terrace (51' Yawl) owned by James H. Nicholsen

Bonnie Doone Terrace (66' Schooner) owned by Dr. Irving E. Laby

Chubasco Drive (67' Yawl) owned by Don Haskel

Dolphin Terrace (81' Cruiser) owned by Arthur Letts, Jr.

Evita Drive (43' Ketch) owned by L. Courter

Galatea Terrace (68' Yawl) owned by Jascha Heifetz

K-Thanga Drie (92' Cruiser) owned by Donald K. Washburn

Kewamee Drive (63' Steel Ketch) owned by William W. Valentine

Malabar Drive (41' Schooner) owned by A.G. Maddock

Marapata Drive (98' Schooner) owned by Col. Max Wyman

Patolita Drive (81' Cutter) owned by Charles D. Winan

Ramona Drive (109' Steel Schooner) owned by Margaret Fleming

Sabrina Terrace (58' Yawl) owned by William R. Cabeen

Santana  Drive (55' Yawl) owned by Humphrey Bogart

Santanella Terrace - I do not know this one but if you do let me know!

Seadrift Drive (84' Steel Schooner) owned by Lyman H. Farwell

Serenade Terrace (62' Cutter) owned by Jascha Heifetz - 2 streets!

Tahuna Terrace (48' Ketch) owned by H. J. Bryan

Zahma Drive (94' Ketch) owned by A. H. Andrews

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