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Bob in the Garden,

Bob?  What happened to Paul?

Do you even recognize Bob?  He's a little different from this 2010 incarnation - this Bob is dated 2000 and is a thinner version than what he is today (aren't we all).  This is how Bob came to live at our house.
Bob the Builder with the tomatoes

Last Saturday we decided to drive some back roads here in Kentucky. We were looking for a farmer's market in Danville, Kentucky but we stumbled upon the "World's Longest Yard Sale", held every year the first weekend of August.  It stretches 675 miles from Michigan to Alabama, along the highway 127 corridor.  This is the 23rd year and I am convinced that a good number of the things we saw for sale have been for sale each one of the 23 years.  I was chagrined to see the garage sale pre-empted the Danville Farmer's Market, but Kathy was delighted.

We stopped and wandered the fairgrounds in Danville.  We mostly saw collectible stuff- old postcards, vinyl records, mismatched dishes, old tools - but we did find Bob the Builder.  Kathy paid $3 and liberated Bob from his life of retail.  When we put batteries in Bob's back we listened to what he had to say., "Can you do it?  Yes You Can!"  -- sounds like and Obama Rally -- then "How many boxes of screws do we need?  Press a number on the key pad? Press a number on the key pad."  But Bob did not come with a keypad.  Bob was becoming increasingly stressed; and we took the batteries out.

It remains to be seen if Bob misses his former life,but he has remained steadfastly cheerful, propped up to view the Campbell garden.  Can you pick the tomatoes?  YES, YOU CAN!  Can you keep weeding even in the heat?  YES, YOU CAN!  Can you keep eating okra?     YES, YOU CAN!  Bob is so inspirational.

Bob the builder on the terrace.

Our grandson has become a fan of Bob so he will have excited company upon Sam's visit this Wednesday.  

Our Saturday venture discovering the "World's Longest Garage Sale"  and also finding Bob with his "YES, YOU CAN! got me to thinking about the current conditions of the real estate business.  Stay tuned for a couple of blogs that reveal the connection between garage sales, motivational cheers and  real estate.

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