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Star Power Real Estate Conference in NYC

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Star Power Recommended Blogging & Podcasting ProviderWe just got back late last nite from the Star Power real estate Conference in NYC. Howard Britan put on an amazing event. There was a lot of information that was conveyed in many of the sessions over the course of 4 days.

We were there as a star power recommended supplier and were speaking with Realtors about new web 2.0 technologies that they can use to leverage their marketing and sales efforts such as Blogging, podcasting, etc.

We were swamped at our booth the entire time and consequently I no voice left (good thing this is not a podcast). I was really impressed with the level of commaradare and professional help that all the attendees and show participants shared. Also i wanted to congratulate the Brazen Real Estate Team for winning the "Most Innovative Marketing" Award.

The event on Blogging was really interesting. The room was standing room only and about another 50 realtors were standing in the hall listening to the audio. The real estate industry is finally starting to grasp the power of a business blogging platform and how it can be best used. 

If anyone else here was at the show; I would like to hear your comments. I will also be blogging more in-depth about the conference here

David Eiglarsh
RE/MAX Concierge - Weston, FL
CRS, CDPE, Serving South Florida

Hi Rodney, I visited your booth at "Howard's" event. I was also impressed with the whole blogging thing. I was a bit uncomfortable with the pricing of the two blog vendors. One was $1350 set up and $400 per month, the other was $2000 set up and $500 per month. I'm the type of guy that will try anything (just not always on the first date). That night I was out to dinner with my broker. A guest at the table (not at the convention) is a web designer (or something in that field). He laughed at me when I told him what the deal was with these blog companies. He suggested I go to GoDaddy and sign up for their blog. I did exactly that. I now have a blog that is being crawled all over by Google and other search engines. In under a week I was getting placement on those lists, all for $2 per month.  www.eiglarshblog.com . I spent about 2 hours setting it up. I'm not sure what the difference is between what I did and what they do, but for now, I have my blog.


Aug 26, 2006 09:38 AM

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