The Lighter Side of Rejection- Keller Williams Agents in Pembroke Pines Know How To Handle it.

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The Lighter Side of Rejection- Keller Williams Agents in Pembroke Pines Know How To Handle it.What is rejection? It's not what we tend to think it is, so let's define this term rejection. Webster's Online Dictionary defines it as; refuse to accept, consider, and submit to.

Real estate agents think they have an exclusive on rejection. Well they don't. Let's take prospecting via the phone for FSBO'S expired listings or just cold calling. Having been a major fan of cold calling and having done my share of calling the expired listings and FSBO'S I know what you are talking about.

Let me share with you what I discovered about this rejection thing. The more I called the less rejection I felt, even though I was getting rejected in greater numbers than I had ever been in my life, but what I also discovered was, I was getting my share of yes's in there, and from those yes's I had a regular pay check. Here is the point I am trying to make, just like the server who offers hundreds of diners coffee on a given day and they refuse, she does not take offense and say I am not serving anymore coffee today. What the person on the other end of the phone is really saying, in a not so nice way, is no thank you, just like the diner is to the server, but why doesn't the server get upset? Because she knows she has many more diners coming in later on in the day who will accept her offer.

What rejection really is guys is when you go home and find that your spouse has changed the locks on the front door, that is rejection, but for a moment let us pretend we had, depending on your gender a harem of women, and for you ladies your harem of men or, what ever you would like to have in there. If one of these harem members were to change the locks on their fun house that you planned on visiting after a busy day at the office and get some pampering, I doubt if you would be that upset, as you know you have many more opportunities for companionship and pampering from another member of your large harem.

I hope you get the point here, I am of course make fun to show you that by working greater numbers, you have heard it's a numbers game right, that you will not notice this rejection because you are working from the position of abundance and not scarcity.

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