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Missing a white Rabbit from Irvine Terrace Park?

We recently acquired (just showed up in our front yard) a beautiful white rabbit that had been seen at Irvine Terrace Park a few months ago. It appears to be a domestic rabbit instead of a wild one for it likes to be petted and actually comes up to you and follows you around the yard.  

This must be the local Corona del Mar rabbit - maybe even from the Corona del Mar High School science department! We tried feeding it rabbit food but soon found out it prefers exotic plants from our local Rogers Gardens in CDM instead! Every time my husband brings home a new plant for the yard - GONE! YUM!  

Anyways, we have ended up with this rabbit that just runs around the yard, disappears for a week, then it's back! So one day we are looking out in the back yard and see a bird and the white rabbit (still has no name but please submit) just sitting there - together - best friends. We thought it was a fluke but every time one of them moved away the other went closer. For allergy reasons we do not have a dog and our children have always felt a bit short changed.

Our youngest ended up adopting all the other dogs in the neighborhood and became especially fond of our next door neighbor's dog - Valencia (they were the best of friends until Valencia recently went to doggie heaven).  

Anyways, here we are with this silly white rabbit and bird where most people in our wonderful neighborhood walk their beautiful, well behaved dogs. I am heading to the store for a rabbit leash and hopefully the bird with follow behind. We would appreciate any ideas for a name for this rabbit that has found its home in beautiful Irvine Terrace, Corona del Mar!

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