The Green Book

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The Green Book. The Red Green Book. Let me explain. It started out as the Red Book. I worked for a Savings and Loan in the early 80's - yes, just as the wheels were coming off with that. At the time I worked as a secretary (are there even secretaries anymore?) for the chief financial officer. One of my daily duties - first thing every morning - was to put entries in the Red Green Book - deposit balances, etc. - that were then reviewed by the officers of the Savings and Loan.

Now in the early 80's those numbers were not pretty - and here's my point. Management felt that a Red Book reinforced that the numbers were - red. They spent a couple bucks for - you guessed it - a green binder - hence the evolution of The Green Book. This was not about image, because the only people that saw this were the officers. It was about positive self-talk. The first thing every day those officers reinforced their goal in their minds with The Green Book - to turn those numbers from red to black "green".

As Realtors, and as all professionals and every individual for that matter, we need to start each day with a dose of positive self-talk. There's not a lot of good news about the real estate and financial markets these days, but every good Realtor knows that it is our job to present the positives and show buyers and sellers the benefits. Is home affordability at its best with the lowest interest rates in history combined with good prices? You bet - and Realtors should be shouting that to the max because there are a lot of people that need to have that reinforced and understand what that can mean to them long-term. That is our job and the only way to work through this market. It's not about not taking a realistic view as nay-sayers would have you believe - it's about finding the substantive positives and bringing about the changes needed for the public to have confidence in real estate investment.

Those officers of that Savings and Loan knew that the only way to move forward was through positive energy - Those numbers wouldn't go from red to black "green" without thinking green.

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