Barney Franke - What Housing Bubble?

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I find Barney Frank's comments about the "so called" housing bubble very interesting.  Enjoy!

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Barney was the head of the oversight committee in charge of Fannie and Freddie. This speech was in 2005 when the housing market was starting to fall apart. This is a very slippery man, and It scares me that he is the same guy who just wrote the new finance reform bill. Fannie and Freddie were unchanged. Amazing stuff.

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Pat Cudmore
Keller Williams Realty West - Nampa, ID

Interesting info. thanks for posting it.  My mule is almost as good looking as your horse

Aug 12, 2010 12:19 PM
Melissa Anderson
Mortgage of Texas & Financial - San Antonio, TX
Pat- your Mule is awesome! Very cool. I love the bunny ears on them!
Aug 12, 2010 12:42 PM