Newest Discrimination: PREGNANCY and Your Mortgage App

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This scenario is an ECOA violation!!!  IT IS NOT LEGAL! Keep in mind, that Loan officers who work for banks and their subsidiaries are not currently required to be licensed.  Be wise and choose to work with licensed professionals.  

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I closed on a house today where the buyer was asked by BANK OF AMERICA about their future child plans! Not if the wife was pregnant now, but FUTURE plans.

This is a young couple moving from their first to second home. At the last minute, the underwriter (of course) requested several more forms and more information. Okay, normal.

But one question they asked the husband was "Do you plan on having more children?"


Lani Rosales wrote about this recently on AgentGenius about this topic and her point was she was SHOCKED by the question. She didn't understand why more realtors were not outraged when this was pointed out in a Realtor Magazine article. It generated very little interest.

Well this buyer was insulted and not pleased. They have one gorgeous little girl now. They qualify for the new home on the husband's income alone. It is nobody's business if the wife is pregnant (she's not) or if they ever plan on having more children.

Why aren't more agents upset by this?

I am a full time worker and a mother of 2. I worked throughout 2 pregnancies. I understand if I had quit work our income would have dropped and perhaps we would have not been able to afford our house. I get that.

But in this case, the wife is a full time mother and her income would not "drop" if she got pregnant. How in the world does it matter?

Isn't this violating Fair Housing somehow? Discrimination?

In the past month other bloggers have posted about this being a lie (another mortgage blogger posted that lenders only ask this in case to see if the buyer will quit later, after getting pregnant). This is NOT THE CASE here and this is not hypothetical or third hand info.

This happened TODAY to a buyer client of mine and the lender was Bank of America.


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