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Homer Michigan Real Estate Market

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Homer Michigan Real Estate Market dates back as early as 1832, when the town was settled by Milton Barney, who built a store and a sawmill calling it ‘Barneyville'.   

Homer Michigan Real Estate MarketIn 1834 when a post office was registered, it was renamed Homer, Michigan after the city in Courtland County, New York, at the request of many of the residents who had moved from there.  Homer, Michigan was incorporated as a village in 1871.

The Homer Michigan Real Estate Market has been impacted by the success of none other than the local high school sports teams in recent years. The Homer High School varsity baseball team set the national record for most consecutive wins at 75.

The streak started at the start of the 2004 season and ended in the state championship game in 2005. From 2003 to 2006 the varsity baseball team compiled a 143-6 record. Winning two state championships, in 2004 and 2006, and was televised on ESPN's 50 States in 50 Days segment on the state of Michigan. Homer Michigan Real Estate Market

This has, some say, inspired parents with younger children that are seeking to move to a rural community to take advantage of Homer Michigan Real Estate.  It is hard to say whether the winning sports teams have impacted the Homer Michigan Real Estate Market, but it is easy to say that it could not have hurt. 

Recently, the old mill, a local landmark in downtown Homer, burned to the ground. The fire is estimated to be the biggest fire in the town's history since the high school burned down in 1943. The intense blaze started in early morning hours. Fire trucks had to patrol the town, as ashes were raining down and posed the threat of setting houses on fire. The cause of the fire is unknown. 

Homer Michigan Real Estate MarketThis too some could say had an impact on Homer Michigan Real Estate.  However, I believe as a Realtor, that Homer Michigan Real Estate is a draw because it is a successful rural community.  First time home buyers are being drawn to rural community property largely due to the federally funded loan program called ‘Rural Development'.  

The program is offered by the US Department of Agriculture, and it is designed to inspire the investment in rural housing, as a first time home buyer program.  The character and inspiration of the Homer community, has also been part of the equation as well, which combined with this loan program impacts profoundly Homer Michigan Real Estate Market

If you are a buyer interested in finding out more about Homer Michigan Real Estate Market, and the USDA Rural Development program, you can visit my website at: MichaelDelaware.com

Homer Michigan Real Estate Market


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