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Before  I decided to write this blog, I really deliberated over it. I am not one to bash companies, especially ones that have been featured on CNN and are perceived to be helping people in need. But after watching the CNN special on NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) I decided to do some of my own research and find out about this free assistance they offer homeowners in distress. (I work hand in hand with Attorneys who help homeowners avoid foreclosure, but some folks don't have money for an Attorney so I wanted to find a place I could send people for free help, although the results probably wouldn't be as rewarding.) Well, needless to say I was more than astonished and appalled at what I found and I promised a lot of people that I would post a blog dedicated to them. My blogs tend to show up in Google frequently because of the valuable information I provide. 

First off, I would like to say I have not had any personal experience with NACA or their counselors. But I have found many many websites where people are complaining about their experiences with NACA. I have also seen a few comments about how NACA did help them. I am glad I did this research before deciding to send people here. I have read NACA's webpage that explains the Home Save Program and what they portray on this particular page seems to conflict with what many homeowners are saying. 


Here are just a few of the NACA Complaints and Reviews I have found, although I am sure NACA has helped some people .But this blog is focused on complaints and reviews from homeowner's themselves. I encourage anyone who has had an experience with NACA to post a comment. You will be seen and heard and will also help others as they are doing research to find a solution. You do not have to register to comment and feel free to stay anonymous.


"Written by (will not state name), on 04-08-2010 22:12 

Naca is a sorry company . I almost lost my home behind them. THANKS TO GOD SAVE MY HOME!!! All they do is get you deep behind. THey do not update the file on lines as there is where you willget your update. If you look at my udate no reponse from the Bank. The Bank response three months ago. I had 20 of worry almost lost my home and I was sick made about 50 calls over and over. No one knows what the *** the process consists of. I did not even know my case worker name I was back and forth with many. Please be advise with this company they do not know one file form the other. Like everyone there on the dam job training whilw you about to lose your home!!!!!!"


"Written by (will not state name), on 25-06-2010 11:51 

I too have wasted a considerable amount of time and energy believeing in and trusting NACA. They come to you as a savior but in the end do very little if anything to help you. We went to the "Save the Dream" tour, wasted almost 2 days waiting around, listened to testamonials with people crying about thier new lower mortgage, I wonder what kind of tears they are crying now. We pay our mortgage and can now afford it but we want out of the predatoryinterest only loan and that is one of the promises that NACA made. Well we have been denied a modification and NACA will not return my calls or emails. WOW.. Of course the worst part is that now that we are working with NACA our lender won't deal directly with us. What a colassal waste of time!!! Be warned... DON'T DO IT!  Oh, and in my "Save the Dream" excitment I referred 2 others to NACA and they too have gotten nothing but frustration."


"Written by Dianey, on 22-06-2010 06:57 

I had two years of my time wasted with NACA, including a 12 hour day I spent at one of their Save The Dream events. Went through the entire process twice because the first time nothing happpened for an entire year and my paperwork was lost. A year later I went to Save the Dream and applied again and and nothing ever came of it either. I got a lot of run around, no follow up, no returned phone calls, great difficulty getting through to anyone. My lender said they never got the paperwork from NACA because they don't accept it electroncially. NACA says they only do it electronically and do it all the time, so the bank must be lying. NACA said they would get a negotiator on the case and get back to me and they never did. I never heard from anyone. I got nowhere. So much for saving my dream. Instead of taking so many on and then letting so many fall through the cracks, why don't they take fewer and follow through on the ones they do take instead of the shot gun approach. I don't understand this organization."


"Written by NACA phone counseling not help, on 04-06-2010 13:57 

I have been trying to do phone counseling with NACA for help in forclosure prevention since February. I went to a workshop in December 2009. Submitted my paperwork electronically and when I got a phone session, the agent said to send in the same paper work that I had already filled in on the website and that I had already faxed. There were several phone appointments that I never got a call at the appointment time. I tried calling back and got lost in queue purgatory. Tried emailing and never got a reply. So much time when by that when I finally got another NACA phone person on the phone, she said I had to RE-SUBMIT ALL PAPERWORK because it has to be kept up to date"


*There are hundreds, maybe even thousands more complaints. I will not post them all, but please feel free to vent and explain your experience to others.*


Also, I would like to mention that I do have a Nationally based Law Firm that is affordable compared to most, who have a refund policy, and have been established for 20 years that I can refer you to. If you have tried this route with NACA and it hasn't worked for you, and you still have a little fight left in you, I would strongly recommend you to get legal council. I also offer free advice and will give you as much guidance as possible. 





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Melissa Polce
ERA, Wilkinson Real Estate Charlotte - Huntersville, NC
Lake to Land, I've Got It Covered!

Tim, if you want to message me, and you work for NACA, feel free am not saying the first part of credit repair management and counseling is bad, the rest of it from contract to close...plainly sucks-yes there have been people on the file that have been somewhat helpful...but overall-backwards, when in this day and age you wait 30 days to do an appraisal, when your approved inspectors hold up a sign off from Hand(and come to find out-it was the inspector whom did not know how to inspect a certain type fireplace)...when its been 75 days and my folks cannot have direct access to a loan officers name, when there is no direct date in sight to close and yet we have 3 emails(and 10 days) saying there is no other stips...I am just one agent, my folks in the time they have had to extend their rental, paid extension fees, are being held hostage by NEVER knowing when it will close-they share my distain...there is a reason why so many people never make it thru...this is a longer commitment than most of my relationships thru the years. And yes, the NACA RE Dept-I did get help while asking questions and trying to upload all the documentation in the ages old system...they said "don't bother-we will make the contact at the Charlotte office do it b/c they knew it was an old system"...oh and 30 days close brokers-PLEASE, dont ever try and put me in that category...I am married to a lender-so above and beyond, I have always had an inside view of what it takes to close a loan-SO...30 days is a NORMAL close conventional, 45-60days- VA & FHA...75-90days-203k, rehab and construct to perm...WAIT-all these have an actual close date that they all work hard to complete time frames on...I attended the NACA Realtor workshop over 5 years ago...No short cuts I am a fan of, this specific transcation-Bottom Line TERRIBLE

Apr 24, 2014 11:33 PM #51

I have been a Kansas City area Realtor for many years and closed hundreds of transactions. I became aware of NACA and sent a couple of clients because the program sounds great (no PMI, no downpayment). Well, the first one was rough, didn't close on time, no one returns your call, you have no information--the seller almost walked on the deal. Now doing another NACA deal and it's a nightmare. If it's a hot housing market, sellers are not interested in putting up with all the waiting (multiple contract extensions) and basic nonsense that NACA puts people through. I would never accept a NACA contract on one of my listings!

Aug 06, 2015 09:54 PM #52
Tim Trumble

Nobody ever said the NACA proess was fast or easy, and the fact is that it's not supposed to be. Every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. It is the antithesis of the hurry-up transactions that so many seem to want to pursue right now, failing to remember that those were the very same type of deals that created the housing bubble and the resulting economic meltdown.

There are in fact many realtors who have significantly grown their business and some who have built their entire business around NACA clients because they know that their client will have a solid home that they wil not have to worry about and a genuinely affordable payment for the life of the loan.

We're sorry that you found the length of time the program takes distasteful, and we always looking for ways to streamline the process without compromising its integrity, but it is the exacting detail of the program that makes its unequalled terms possible.

Tim Trumble
Online Operations, NACA

Aug 07, 2015 01:14 AM #53
Megan Birster

Based on my current situation, Naca may not be worth the stress. It has literally cause me to have migraines! I have been told so many times that "I will get back to you by the end of day" and "Your counselor will call you within 24 hours" After the fifteen times I have been told this, it has NEVER happened! I'm lucky if I get some sort of contact within one week and ten phone calls. I have been in the program for a year and we didn't even have much to do other than save. Now that we have done that, we still can't seem to get anywhere! Our last counselor told us that as of end of September, we would be qualified and could start looking for a home. Well.... its almost November and we have gotten nowhere! Super frustrating! I think I'll just keep saving and go with a normal mortgage that doesn't cause the stress of NACA!

Oct 28, 2015 12:13 PM #54

I have been involved with 35+ single family home real estate transactions. My experience with NACA was a joke. I honored the contract when I was told that they pride themselves now on closing within 30 days. The buying agent made us believe he had an existing relationship with NACA and would fly right through it. I had to sign four extensions by the time it was over. The communication was ridiculous. With each extension, all parties involved on the buyer side would tell me it is done, or we are almost there, or we just need a few days to finalize. No one person would tell us what was happening. NACA did not have any kind of communication with the title company that they use, nor did they communicate whatsoever with us as the sellers. In this case, it was Chicago Title. People at the NACA offices would not answer phones or call back. They were extremely rude when cornered. However, it did get to the point we had to get rude ourselves just to get answers. If you enter into a contract with NACA, just make sure you are not counting on that to go through anytime soon. Be very careful if you are in a situation where you have another sale pending contingent upon the NACA contract. I highly recommend implementing an amount of cash per day for any extension along with added funds to the earnest money for a buyer’s protection. However, I did that, closed 15 days prior to writing this, and I have still not received all of my funds. The buyers brought a rather large cashier’s check to their closing to cover the $100/day extensions reflected in the contract. NACA held the check and said they would overnight it to me. We trusted that they could at least get that right. The check never showed up even after they sent the delivery slip. A week after it was supposedly shipped, I had to start trying to make contact. The check was still sitting at their office suggesting there was no real concern about it. Their excuse was… “They ran out of fed ex supplies”. That excuse blew my mind seeing is that it was a week later. In an entire business week, they couldn’t go buy supplies? This was IN THE CONTRACT. So the buyers got the keys, got their house, however I am still missing funds 15 days later. Everything they did and said throughout the process was obviously a lie or misleading. It truly was unbelievable. There is absolutely no accountability or any real concern on their part. In short, an NACA client may offer you a good deal and a good contract. Everyone will tell you what you want to hear, despite reviews, in order to make you trust it. Just take into consideration the delays and unprofessionalism when weighing options. I am reviewing this as a seller. From what I can see, the clients and buyers love the program…they are getting special treatment and deals they otherwise couldn’t get. They seem to be allowed to make whatever changes they want and cause delays without any communication or concern over the original contract. As a seller…be very careful and protect yourself. My next step will have to be a legal process to obtain the funds or take this property back, because I cannot get the additional funds owed.

Dec 27, 2016 05:45 PM #56

My experience with NACA was terrible!I been working with NACA for more than 6 months trying for an approval.
I started off in an odd situation trying to purchase the unit I was living in directly from the bank, because the owner had been negligent. The Sale and Purchase Agreement was signed in September of 2016, and between then and now I worked very hard to provide all the paperwork I could to move along with getting an approval. I never got it. I would provide documentation and await days before my file was touched or submitted, I would not hear back for days and sometimes weeks and when I would finally get hold of my counselor it was only to be told there were more things to submitted.
The process was taking so long I had to get THREE extensions from the bank on the sales and purchase agreement AND was required to do (and pay!) for a TWO inspection on the unit that I had been living in the whole time! I feel cheated by NACA, because since the last extension expired the bank is having me evicted and I will have an even harder time just finding a place to rent from with an eviction mark on my back. Neither one of my counselors showed much aid concern for how time sensitive my case was, or gave me proper prompting in documentations and other things that came up throughout the process. Although I had the Purchase and Sale agreement signed a few weeks prior to moving on to the bank approval portion of the process, I do not feel it fair the way they treated my case.
One of my counselors had some health complications and in his absence my file would sit unattended and I would go unhelped and left in the dark until he returned. Even when he was in the office I would go days without hearing back and when I would finally get through to talk to him, either my file was still waiting to be submitted (because it was never touched at all)or there would be more paperwork required that I was not told about. A lot of times this would mean I was due for more pay stubs and bank statements submitting because it had been so many days since I had last been updated. I had a terrible experience working with NACA, and feel I could not recommend the program to anyone else.
I am at a loss facing eviction, loosing my deposit, and all the money (2 inspection, repair work/air quality test, condo paperwork, detector inspections) I invested into the buy for.I had a Living and Occupancy Agreement which is the only portion I get back ($800 monthly since September), and even that does not out weight the loss.

May 08, 2017 01:40 PM #57

Well you get out of it what you put into it. It’s not a walk in the park. You have to put in effort and do as they say as far as providing documents on a timely manner. I have lived in my home for 4 years now with an interest rate of 3.2 % by annual for 30 year loan. They included a new air conditioner for the home considering I live in Phoenix Arizona. House inspection is required to assure New owners don’t have issues that would prevent them from making their payments. There were times I wanted to quit...thought it was just too much work. But I stuck with it and I am so glad I did ... the people that are condemning Naca here didn’t follow through and weren’t willing to work.

Oct 29, 2018 01:22 PM #58
Ramrattie Lall

Naca is a scam!!!! Never help me, have someone else's info on my file and cancelling appt when I question who are u!!! I call Newark office since August no supervisor call as I was told.Real Scam.Have to pay to enroll and volunteer and no answers until today. Still waiting

Nov 28, 2018 09:20 PM #59
Homeless Mother of 3

I was under contract on a home after receiving lending approval and an approved purchase amount from licensed mortgage broker NACA. 14 days prior to my scheduled closing date NACA informs me that they are unable to honor the approval, which is due to the errors of their underwriters, they approved to much. I am seeking my earnest money, inspection fees (all of which were paid after receiving the approval documents form NACA) loss wages to attend the scheduled meetings and required community service, return of credit check fees and member fees.

After reaching out to the lending bank, NACA is refusing to send over my file. Causing further delays and further financial strain. in 3 days my 3 children and I will be without a home due to NACA's negligence, and untimely responses.

Dec 17, 2018 01:55 PM #60
Natalie Ross

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May 16, 2019 01:19 PM #105
Robert Reid

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May 16, 2019 02:05 PM #106
Aubrey Long

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May 20, 2019 10:00 AM #109
Elizabeth Payton

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May 20, 2019 04:01 PM #110
Williams Franklin

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May 21, 2019 09:31 AM #111
Gilbert Faraday

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May 21, 2019 08:07 PM #112
Susan Patrick

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May 23, 2019 07:28 PM #113
Andy Russel

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May 24, 2019 01:58 AM #114
George Thomas

I was seriously in need of a credit repair service. I had 5 eviction hearings (one is a duplicate) on my rental history report. They were all zero balances. I didn’t owe any money to the complex and they were from 2014-2016. My scores were 560, 552 and 540 on Transunion, Experian and Equifax respectively. I needed someone to wipe them all out and raise my score to a high 600 so I can get a home. I spoke to a friend about my credit issues and he decided to help me by introducing me to the Computer Warehouse Group. They wiped all the eviction, raised my scores to 796, 794 and 795 on Transunion, Experian and Equifax respectively. I got the home and thanks to their expertise. Here is their contact: (COMPUTERWAREHOUSEGROUP1@GMAIL.COM, +1 912 388 3132), you can hit them up and get your credit issues sorted out ASAP.

May 24, 2019 01:24 PM #115
Patrick Lawson

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May 24, 2019 04:35 PM #116
Robert Pearson

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May 25, 2019 03:40 AM #117
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