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Condos in Del Mar continue to sell every month and there are some really great deals to be had! Traditional sales mostly, sprinkled with foreclosures here and there.

Here is a quick Market Update: 

This is just an overview of the attached inventory so for more specific questions you can call our team or submit any question about Condos In Del Mar...

A one bedroom attached home can be purchased for as low as $200,000 and up to over one million for a one bedroom with spectacular beach access and whitewater views. 

Two Bedroom condos are starting at $325,000. These are located a mile from Coast Highway. Currently there are 21 two bedroom attached homes for sale averaging about $670,000, many with ocean views and beach close. These Homes Near Del Mar School District are either walking or short driving distance away from local shopping and other Del Mar Attractions. 

Three Bedroom Attached: Three bedroom attached homes can be found as low as $300,000 and those will only have about 1,000 sf along with other constraints such as minimal storage. Mostly however, 3 Bedroom condos or town homes in Del Mar School District start at around $450,000 and currently ten are for sale in price ranges up to $1,075,000.

If you have any more questions about what has sold or what types of homes are available, Call Us or Submit a Question regarding Del Mar Real Estate or search for Condos in Del Mar.

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Condo in Del Mar

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