I Think I Can, I Think I Can- Keller Williams Agents Know They Can.

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I Think I Can, I Think I Can- Keller Williams Agents Know They Can. "The Little Train That Thought It Could" brings back fond memories to me. Many of you will probably remember the story of that little train that did. I can remember my mother reading that story to me as a young child. This story goes like this I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Do you remember it?

Well the little engine thought it could, and it did get over that steep mountain. When we think we can, we do. Now I' m sure that little train worked awfully hard, and what we need to say to our self as Realtors is, just one more call to make, one more door to knock on one  more mailing to mail, that's what the little train did. Athletes say one more lap, one more round, one more hole, one more bowl, and one more dive, that's the thought process of champions. There is no quit. Many people quit just inches from success without ever knowing how close they were.

In The Olympics we watch these tremendous athletes from around the world, have you ever wondered what it took to get there? I don't see any quit in their faces regardless of whether they win a medal or not, they are all winners because they think they can and they go out and perform as though they will, they give it their all. Now some don't get the prize on that day but they win on another day many of life's winners loose more than they win. Thomas Edison had something like 1700 different inventions and he is only remembered for three, the light bulb, electricity and the phonograph. I recently heard Warren Buffet say in an interview, you only need to win a few times to be a success, what I don't think he meant was you only have to try a few times to achieve, it is a continuous push forward, knowing you can.

Are you giving it your all? You became a Realtor by choice; why not choose excellence, your best. I can tell you this if your manager, team leader or broker is not encouraging you to reach for excellence, fire them today and find one that will. But first ask yourself if excellence is what I really want, because if it is, there will be growing pains that come with it , but the reward of accomplishment and being a pro and helping others are all well worth the climb up the mountain.

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