Wall Street Is Nervous.....Grab Your Life Raft And Use It !!!

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Excellent short article of encouragement to all my real estate agent partners out there. It takes commitment and discipline, but it is worth it.  ~ Blair

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Do you have a routine every day?  Agents who have routines are considered organized, in my opinion.  One needs to establish a routine that will accomplish the completion of a series of task that are required in order to successfully survive in this business.  Those agents who do not have a routine and are free floating every day will eventually find themselves without any water in which to float.

We are in declining economic environment right now, and the only way any agent, newbie or veteran, will continue to work in this industry is to establish a routine of prospecting tasks to achieve every day.  I know I have written often about prospecting, but it will be your saving grace.  It will allow you to survive and salvage you career.  Your career is at stake right now, whether you want to believe it or not.

Online marketing is your life raft.  It's the life jacket that will allow you to stay afloat today.  Clients are not "waiting in line with numbers" to buy homes.  The "Deli Days" are gone and may never return as they were!!!  We all need to establish a routine for our marketing and let nothing interfere with it.

Dedicate a minimum amount of time each day and submit quality content within a blog post.  Do it consistently and establish a style for your following to recognize and read.  The more you blog, the easier it becomes, just as any other task.  You will acquire a proficiency that will result in more business Isn't that why we do this task? 






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