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The greatest home shopping tool yet. text system.


The latest addition to the worlds funnest and most productive real estate company! Our buyer clients can now text us and get information on any house in North Carolina, Hawaii and Michigan! ANY HOUSE! Ok actually only about 95% but way more than anyone else is offering and this is all branded!

How it works is even cooler. In North Carolina the client would text NC "the address" to 25_27 and they will get a text with basic info (so far pretty standard) and a link to a web page that is specific to thier operating system that will show all pics, room sizes, BUYER agent info and more. The listing agent or appropriate buyer agent is notified immediately by text or email someone needs assistance, they can then make sure the client as all the information they need, schedule showings, talk open houses, or similar properties. Beats the heck out of a sun bleached flyer.

Contact the nearest office to get your text code.

This is available accross our platform to home buyers in Metro Flint Michigan, Oakland County Michigan, Kalamazoo Michigan and Greater Raleigh North Carolina. is the first brand to bring a multiple state text solution to its brokers, why because we flat out rock and love what we do.

This will complement our entire agent suite of tools, our direct mail portal, scalable blog and web platforms and of course our agent training. Clients can get information when they want it, how they want it and count on an intelligent agent to follow through...that is smart, easy, sane.

These are the types of innovations that allow our agents to successfully assist 27.8 clients a year reach their goals. No other brand in the country has this professional of a number.

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