Wachovia and World Savings Bank Short Sales

Real Estate Agent with West USA Realty

If you reside in Maricopa county and have a mortgage with Wachovia or World Savings Bank, I can help you with your loan.  I have a proven track record of closing short sales with these two banks.  The entire process will take about 65 days and it costs, you the homeowner, not a single penny!  I know it sounds to good to be true, but it is true.  I work along side these financial institutions.  We have a system that will put the banks "DECISION MAKER" at your dinner table within 2 days of listing your property for sale.  Once the banks representative approves the file and price, which happens right at your table with you sitting present, the short sale of your home is approved.  The entire process averages less than 60 days from the meeting with the banks decision maker to the close of escrow.  This is a seemless short sale process, and many more banks are leaning to this particular process in the next couple of years, in my opinion.  If you sound like you might be a candidate, contact me and tell me about your situation.  


If you are looking to get out from underneath a home loan without the 7 year credit crunch called a foreclosure, I can help you.  At the very least you should call me and see what I can do for you.


I understand that talking to a stranger about financial hardship is difficult, but I assure you that there are millions of people across the US in your position.  I always treat my clients with the utmost respect and compassion for there personal situation.  All information is kept confidential and treated with the utmost sensitivity.

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