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McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington

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McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington

McAuliffe Park Kirkland WashingtonAny of us who have lived in Kirkland a long time have driven by this beautiful family estate and marvelled at its beauty. As you go by NE 116th Street you see the orchard, the green lawns, the classic house and the expansive lot. I had always assumed that one day the bulldozers would come in and put 100 large houses on tiny little lots, destroying forever the beauty of this place.
Orchard at McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington
I could not have been more mistaken. The McAuliffe homestead has only been owned by two different families as far back as 1877. That is a long time! With that kind of family stability and pride, it should not be a surprise that the beauty of this homestead would continue on into the future.
Windmill at McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington
The city of Kirkland bought the estate in 2001. The mayor at the time said, "this unique and incredibly beautiful property is a ready made park due to the extraordinary landscape and site development features which the McAuliffe's have created and nurtured on their property over the years. Children's play area at McAuliffe Park Kirkland WashingtonNow, the citizens of Kirkland and future generations will enjoy a park like no other in Kirkland's park system.  This is the kind of park that people will be drawn to for a variety of reasons and discover something new each time they visit."
Picnic table at McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington
The city not only bought it, but they have grand plans for it. There was a park development master plan, and a McAuliffe Park 2008 Master Plan Update. It is comprehensive and impressive!

There are 13 different parcels that make up the park and it is nearly 12 acres in size.
Old farm machinery at McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington
On the west side of 108th is a nice parking area, and a good childrens play area, including swings, picnic tables and benches.

On the east side of 108th is the main area of the McAuliffe Park. To start with, there is a large functioning orchard, with the occasional evergreen tree and wide spreading lawns.
Trees at McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington
As you cross east into the area behind the main house, you come to a very unique and quirky area. A tall windmill is the first thing you notice. Then an assortment of old farm machinery scattered about.

Beautiful flowers abound, and there are wide grassy fields. The old barn has been updated. There is a movement ot renovate it more.

One large area has been made into the third Kirkland Pea Patch.
Parking area at McAuliffe Park Kirkland Washington
This is a large park with a unique flavor and things to do for all ages. Come and enjoy it, bring your lunch for a picnic. Let your kids roam for a while, then play on the play set. You will create great memories at the McAuliffe Park in Kirkland Washington.

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