Sick of peoples ignorance.

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I live in Stamford Connecticut.  (45 minutes oustide of NYC)   Stamford is BOOMING.  Everyday a new corporation is announced that it is moving here or it is announced that a financial firm from NYC is moving their headquarters here.  The towns surrounding Stamford are New Canaan, Greenwich, Darien and Rowayton (Norwalk).  These areas are where all of the super wealthy live that commute into NYC.  Right now Stamford is home to UBS (the largest trading floor in the world).  This area is out of control.  In the past few years, things have settled down a bit in the surrounding towns listed above, but then again a few years ago they were outrageous, so they have just settled down a bit to just being high!!! lol.    The thing that aggrevates me is that the average person who doesn't know real estate and doesn't know the market, picks up the newspaper or turns on the news and sees "Market Turmoil", "Housing Bust", etc and they instantly think that this means the entire country is in the dumps and they go along with the thinking that this stamford area is down as well.  I have news for everyone, ITS NOT!!!!!!  I encourage anyone to show me one sign that the Stamford or surrounding area is going down....including NYC.   We are in our own super bubble here along with a few other areas of the country.  I would like input from you guys as to what other markets you feel are in a protected super bubble and what your experiences have been with peoples selective ignorance.  I am fed up with it, as a real estate investor and as a Stamford resident.  

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