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Living in Seal Beach nearly 35 years, I've seen my share of animals come out of the ocean. During the summer months surf fishing becomes a popular activity on the east side (commonly referred to as the south side) of the Seal Beach pier. This week delivered a bat ray (not to be confused with a sting ray) which is an uncommon sight for this particular stretch of beach.

Most of the "rays" that are caught in Seal Beach are sting rays and are notoriously present on the other side of the pier. The reasons are many, but most agree that the warm water coming from the mouth of the nearby San Gabriel river creates an ideal enviroment for them to breed.

The photos of this gentle and harmless creature are courtesy of Seal Beach resident Chris Heidel.

Seal Beach bat ray


Seal Beach bat ray

Seal Beach bat ray

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After I took this pic with in the next hour or so, 2 more were caught on the beach of equal or greater size...


Today there was one more caught just as big near South Side jetty.

Aug 18, 2010 12:21 PM
Nat Ferguson
TNG Real Estate Consultants - Seal Beach, CA

WOW! I have never seen bat rays in or around Seal Beach. Although I heard that a 15 foot shark was caught off the pier last week. Did you hear about that?

Aug 18, 2010 12:23 PM