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Most visitors I meet use "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook" as a ‘bible' for their vacation.  And although there's a lot of good information there, one of their recommendations is to take a Na Pali cruise from the North Shore vs. Port Allen so that you have more time viewing the Na Pali.

I recently met some honeymooners that had their minds set they had to follow the Guidebook and go on a cruise from the North Shore - not knowing about the controversies.  For more information, click here for today's article in the Garden Island News.  The beauty of Hanalei Bay is something that touches hearts deeply.....worth protecting and protesting. 

The picture below is one of Lee Clark's original renditions of gorgeous Hanalei Bay.  You can click on the picture to go to his website with his amazing surf art.

One of the challenges I see visitors going through, is that through all their planning - they end up with a preconceived idea of what their experience is supposed to be like, and are disappointed when it's different from that.  For instance, when I came on vacation in 2000, I didn't read any of those reviews and I went on a Na Pali cruise out of Port Allen and still have vivid wonderful memories.  You cruise along the Western shores of Kauai, see Niihau and you DO see the Na Pali coast.  If you have your mind made up that it's not going to be good - then guess what, it won't be good for you no matter what! 

Check out my ‘Community' page for more information about Kauai and links to activities and companies that offer cruises out of Port Allen...


Kauai is a wonderful, magical, mystical place and one of the very basic concepts of being here is to be open to what Kauai has to offer - not try to make her fit into a preconceived box.  If you haven't noticed, Mother Nature doesn't work that way... the magic of the mountains, rainfall, waterfalls, and the ocean have their own rhythms, power and direction.  

If you're new to Kauai, or a visitor - my best suggestion is to keep an open mind, an open heart and tread lightly.

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Lynne Pope
eXp realty, MFA,Hermosa Beach,Redondo Beach,South Bay - Los Angeles, CA
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I love Hawaii vacation rentals...I have stayed there many times, Anns house, Watson house and we are scheduled to be out there in April 08 with our whole family..

It sounds like you might be fun to know.

Lynne Pope

Redondo Beach


oh I went on the boat tour...one of our friends owned it I think they still do...

and my neck was so sore from banging up and down on that water...I loved the scenery..

Aug 24, 2007 09:04 PM
Jason Lopez
SmartRealty Solutions - San Diego, CA
Great tip!  I was actually on Kauai in July and had a boat tour scheduled out of Hanalei Bay.  I got a call the night before that the boat was broken, but they ahd another boat leaving out of Waimea.  So we headed there and still had a great time.  We have good frinds that own a beautiful home in Anahola, which is where we stayed.  I can't wait to come back and look forward to seeing some property there.  Hey, know any good agents?  LOL.
Sep 25, 2007 03:11 AM