To meet the need for specialized building inspections, which include, roofs, attics, leaking basements, foundations, and other building system issues, we have created our $129.00 inspection . We will look at a specific items for you or perform a Thermal Scan of your home or do a complete detailed “walk through inspection”. No report is given for this special priced inspection and you pick what service you require. We have created this inspection due to the sheer volume of requests for re-inspections, problem solving and moisture and leak detection.This particular inspection would be of great value to individuals who are selling their home and don’t want any expensive surprises after they have negotiated a price.

The Barrie Home inspector has been providing Free Thermal Imaging scans with all regular priced home inspections for the past year. This amazing technology can aid in the detection of heat loss, moisture, water leaks, over-heating conditions and even mould detection. We also perform moisture checks with our up-graded digital moisture detector which allows us to detect moisture up to an inch behind most building products.

We carry 3 ladders to access even the most difficult roofs,no looking from the road with our company. The Barrie Home Inspector carries 12 ft, 24 ft and 30 ft ladders and a multitude of tools to aid in our inspections. Our latest tool is a flexible video camera with built in LED lighting for inspecting hard or nearly impossible locations without damaging your home. A more complete inspection of furnaces, duct work, plumbing and penetrations of your walls are now fully visible to our trained professionals.

Commercial building inspections are an area where our training and experience enable us to provide the best possible inspection available. All inspectors are Building Code Qualified and I am personally Ontario Building Code Certified. We believe if you don’t know how it was supposed to be built, how can you inspect it? With over 27 years of combined building and inspection experience knowledge does make a difference.

When Only The Best Will Do !

Need advice or just some information pertaining to your house? Please call us and get our opinionat no charge. We are here to help and provide our expertise when ever possible. Call Roger at 705-795-8255 or Toll Free at 1-888-818-8608

Written by Roger Frost

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