The Five Senses of Home Selling: Opening a Blind Eye

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Photo-SweetPea by Sue CopeWhat do you SEE first when you walk into house?

Do you scurry around and check the layout like a mouse?

Or do you walk through slowly and first check the door?

Maybe your one of those whose eyes are drawn to the floor?

Do you first notice the texture and condition of the carpet?

Or maybe you first see the tail wagging of the family pet?

Do the colors scream at you as soon as you walk in?

Or are you more likely to check out where the TV will fit in the den?

Let's do a survey to see where our eyes first zoom.

Tell me what you first see when you walk into a room

Post your answer here so we can all see and share,

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Staging is about creating a comfortable, warm, inviting perception of any home. 

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Andi Grant
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Helping 1st time buyers and home sellers in LA!

Hi Susan, as a Realtor® and general home fan, I'll notice EVERYTHING about a home. I'll notice the faded mailbox walking up to the house, the door, the layout, the smell, the cozy factor or if it is a stark museum feel (no sense of life) etc...



Aug 19, 2010 05:21 AM