Owner financing is a lot like “Tie-Die”….

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Owner financing is a lot like “tie-die” it comes in and out of fashion depending on the decade. Prior to today, last week or even last year, had you ever thought about buying or selling an owner financed home in Austin? Probably not.

A few years ago anyone with a pulse could get a bank loan and most any seller could get rid of an unwanted property. However, back in the early 80’s when interest rates were in the double digits and lending was tight, guess how people bought homes???

With something called “owner financing”. As an individual that has specialized in owner financing for more than 8 years, its been interesting to watch the tide swing my way. 8 years ago when I spoke with Realtors about helping them sell their listings with owner financing, they looked at me like I had three eyes and antennas coming out of my head. Even just a few years ago I received the same response “why in the world would anyone want to sell with owner financing?”

Today every realtor I meet is happy to meet me and very anxious to hear about how my owner financing program can help them sell more homes and help their buyers close on a home. Would you be surprised to learn that realtors and the property they own are my biggest clients?

Realtors today know how challenging the market is. They know 90% of families can’t qualify for a bank loan and with buyers that do get “pre-approved” there is a huge possibility the buyers won’t actually close. Why not you ask? These days most buyers can’t stand up to the scrutiny banks put them through. As with all difficult moments in life there is a silver lining.

Owner financing is a tried, true (and legal) method that can serve the needs of sellers that need to sell and buyers that want to buy. Additionally, since only the most responsible and credit worthy buyers can qualify these days, it is setting a new standard for fiscal responsibility.

Even though its a painful process, in the end if we as American’s get better about paying our bills on time and borrowing less debt, that can only help all of us in the future. If you’ve been researching seller financing I’m guessing you’re one of three people:

The good news is, I can help no matter which category you fall into. Not even sure if owner financing is right for you? I know this market well and can give you the pros and cons of pursuing a owner finance solution.

Just send me a quick note and we’ll chat. If we’re a good fit, I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the services I provide. If not, I can give you some alternatives to consider.

PS.  I have a long list of local references from sellers, buyers, brokers and agents that have all successfully worked with me to create an owner finance solution.  They are more than willing to provide a personal reference!

Wishing you happiness and health.


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