Beware of Bees When Trail Riding

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Trail riding is fun, however many folks think it is a great way to introduce a young child to riding a horse.  There are many things that can put a less experienced rider at risk.  Are you comfortable on your horse in a full run/gallop?  Sometimes this could happen.  It's not all puppy dogs and rainbows on a trail ride.  Best to be careful.  Enjoy the blog below from a friend of mine.

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Autumn is fast approaching, but there will still be plenty of great weather for trail riding with your horse.  While riding, you may end up disturbing a bees nest.  What do you do then?


Horses will panic when they encounter a swarm of bees, even your most gentle, bomb-proof horse.  If you disturb a hive while trail riding, the bees will begin buzzing around and then stinging your horse.  The horse's first instinct will be to turn his head to bite at them.  He will go in circles, jumping, bucking, and stirring up the bees even more.  Keep your horse's head straight and gallop away as quickly as possible.


Bee stings can be deadly to both horse and human.  People can have an allergic reaction and go into shock.  A horse does not die from the toxin, but rather from the side effects.  Multiple stings around the face will quickly cause the horse to suffocate.  Bee stings on a horse's head or neck is a veterinary emergency.


Courtesy Lehigh Valley Horse Council Newsletter


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