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Tony Hunthausen here in Huntington Beach, CA (www.HunthausenGroup.com). My son, Scott, is studying in Santiago, Chile at the Catholic University of Santiago obtaining his MBA. Currently he is involved in a class project that is dealing with the non-profit I started last year, Homes For A Better World (HFBW).

His group is working on a strategy for HFBW and they have asked me to send out the survey below to as many realtors as possible. It can easily be filled out on line and the results go directly to Scott and his classmates via the Google survey thing. It's only a couple questions and takes less than a minute to complete. If you can send it along to any other agents that would be great.

Things aren't really operational with regard to HFBW yet and we are still waiting for final approval of the non-profit status and working on the strategy, but folks can visit the website for a little more info if they want. www.HomesForABetterWorld.org. Your comments, thoughts, and suggestions are very welcome. Please also feel free to reblog this post.

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Homes For a Better World
Homes For a Better World is a California 501c(3) (pending) non-profit organization focused on providing homes and shelter for the 100 million people currently living without. The organization works primarily with real estate agents, providing an outlet to give back to the community in a way directly related to their business, while simultaneously offering a powerful publicity tool. In effect, with every home sold the HFBW agent is providing shelter for those without and contributing to the global eradication of homelessness.

Would you be willing to donate part of your comission to this organization? *

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· ( ) No

If so, How often? *

· ( ) Monthly

· ( ) Trimestral

· ( ) Semestral

· ( ) Annually

How much would you be willing to donate each period? (In US$) *

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