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We heard similar information first-hand from Bank of America execs during a summit we attended yesterday in Jacksonville, FL. We plan to put together some customer-friendly handouts and other information to share.


Original content by Tim and Julie Harris

Important annoucement for Realtors who have Chase and Bank of America Short Sale Listings.

Realtors, listen NOW to the FREE Replay of this week's emergency Accredited Short Sale Designation webinar (or teleconference). Everything is changing (again) about short sales. Thanks to the NAR’s HAFA Guidelines the servicers are finally making significant moves to truly streamline the short sale process.

Note: This is an advanced short sale training call. Be ready to take pages of great action oriented notes.

Listen to replay of the advanced short sale training call NOW: <------Click HERE to listen now.

One of the topics for this weeks FREE ASD Short Sale Webinar (or teleconference) was Chases' new ‘List Assist’ short sale program.....(and Bank of America's Cooperative Short Sale Program...soon to be called the High Performance Out Reach Short Sale Program)

A few months ago Chase Bank opened the doors for their ‘List Assist’ program…if you missed it, here are the details.

Required forms from Realtor and Seller:

* Listing Agreement

* 2 Months Bank Statements

* Pay Stubs (income verification if the owner has a job etc)

* 2 Years tax returns.

* NO Hardship letter etc.

* NO Deficiency Judgment (or threat)

* $3000 at closing for the Seller.

* 7-10 day answer if its a Fannie/ Freddie loan.

Like HAFA (and the new Bank of America HPO High Performance Out Reach, Cooperative Short Sale program) the Chase List Assist is a clear sign that lenders are doing everything to stream line the short sale process.

Read about the Bank of America program HERE.

Chase List Assist info:

Chase has launched a call center full dedicated to help borrower who have list their home for sale and anyone trying to start the short sale process.  The numbers for our List Assist center are:

Chase List Assist

Securitized  List Assist Direct Dial              866-233-5320

Listen to replay of advanced short sale training call NOW: <------Click HERE to listen now.

EMC List Assist

EMC List Assist Direct Dial                       866-483-0153

Call 1-800-848-9136 or 877-838-1882
or 866-265-6459 ext 53343 (for California)

Fax Short Sale 1-602-680-1142 or 866-220-4130
Alternate Short Sale Fax: 866-958-0140 ***

Executive Resolution Group for Chase, 866-605-9253

888-310-7995 (Executive office for Chase)

Hint: If you need the direct Number for your Loss Mitigator (Prime Loans Only), just use their extension as the last 5 digits of the number below:

Phone Direct: 858-60x-xxxx

- Phone 800-388-8888 x12345
- becomes>> 888-111-2345

Listen to replay of advanced short sale training call NOW: <------Click HERE to listen now.

Letter of Authorization fax 614-422-7912 or 888-249-1593

Email format

Mail packages to Chase 3415 Vision Drive, Columbus OH 43219
Listing and selling agents must sign under their typed names in the purchase contract.

WAMU (Now CHASE) missing document Fax 206-494-4666

Walk Department (before charge-offs) 866-346-6132

Recovery Department (more than 120 days past due, charged off) 877-836-3040

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