Five Towns Fencers Club is moving to Hewlett, Long island NY

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The FIVE TOWNS FENCERS CLUB is moving to 15 Prospect Avenue, Hewlett,NY
on August 26, 2010

No not Fencing as in the picket or PVC kind  - Fencing as in Epee Foil or Sabre

Five Towns Real Estate - Five Towns Fencers CulbFive years after opening his club on Broadway in Woodmere Olympic Fencer Jonathan Tiomkin is expanding to larger facilities and moving down the road to Hewlett, NY

From Five Towns Fencing Club's website: "The goal of the Five Towns Fencers Club revolves around the experiences of Jonathan Tiomkin's fencing career and how a positive attitude and a strong work ethic will directly influence the accelerated growth of the individual fencer.

At Five Towns Fencers Club, all different types of people come together to train in the sport of fencing. Every person that steps through the door has his own unique blend of attributes. The club strives to make those traits manifest into their own personal fencing style.

The goal is to encourage each person to use their own strengths to fight for victory on the fencing strip."

My son has been fencing with Jon at the club since it opened on Broadway 5 years ago. Had you asked meFive Towns Real Estate - Five Towns Fencers Club then about fencing - I would have been clueless, and in many ways I still am about the sport. But over those 5 years my son has become an excellent fencer and an excellent sportsman - and I contribute this to Jon.

It was great having my son learn from one of the best. Jon competed in Foil in the 2004 Olympics. He brings his vast experience to all his Five Towns students.

Jon is a coach who genuinely cares about his students. He wants the club to be a place they can come and hang out in even if they are not fencing that day. He would rather his students hang out there than on the street.

If you are looking for something different for your children to do - Fencing is a wonderful sport, and you could not ask for a better coach.

The new club at 15 Prospect Avenue, Hewlett Long island, NY is more than double the size of the Woodmere club. He will have 6 strips instead of 2, which will enable him to hold tournaments, something he could not do in the Woodmere Club.

I wish you all the best Jon - and thank you for all that you have brought to David's life.

Five Towns Fencers Club
(formerly of 1017A Broadway, Woodmere, NY)
15 Prospect Avenue
Hewlett, NY 11557


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